Saturday, January 23, 2021

Has A Month REALLY Gone By?

Wow, my last post was right after Christmas...that was nearly a month ago.  Just haven't had much to blog about I guess.  We have been enjoying fairly mild temps, with a few nights down into the low 40's and perhaps high 30's, but at least into the 50's, and typically the 60's, and some days in the 70's during the afternoon hours.  

Marcia had her first Doctor's appointment earlier this week, and low and behold, to the Doctor's surprise, her Cholesterol has dropped from around 320 two years ago, to 220 this year.  They have wanted to put her on a 'Statin' drug for the past four years...she has always said "NO!"  Then she names person after person, most relatives, who were on 'Statins' and they are all dead now.  She feels the 'Statin's' mask the issue, it does not correct it.  Well, her weight came down another few pounds, and sticking to the low carb diet, and a little less Bacon and Sausage and more Veggies and now Fruit, there has been no change in anything she has been doing.  The Doctor was more than pleased at all of Marcia's numbers.  

While there, I talked to the Doctor about becoming my primary doctor now that I am on Medicare and not 'chained' to Arkansas Doctors any more through my retirement insurance.  She said "Sure...I am a Family Doctor, and have lots of family members that are in my care."  However, the first appointment for a new patient is late April, so we will be here in Florida probably until my youngest son's 'Wedding Ceremony' in July up in Ohio.  They did get married last July, but not with anyone there.  Like many others, they have decided to hold a one-year 'Wedding Ceremony' on the anniversary date.  After that, we will make our way back to California, route unknown at this time.

I wanted to share a couple of videos of Indy watching TV.  Above is a one minute video of her watching an SPCA commercial.  Notice how intent she is watching this commercial, and at the end how she gets up on her hind legs to get a 'closer look'.  This behavior is very typical of her every day.

This second video is her watching a similar commercial, but this time she goes back behind the TV looking for the animals she saw on the screen.  This too is a common occurrence.

Here is Indy in the need of a hair cut.

Mission accomplished.  She was so good in letting me cut her hair, and I think it turned out real well.  Of course, after her hair cut she KNOWS she gets a special treat...her favorite, although she only gets maybe one per week, a hot dog...normally 1/4 or so at a time but today she got a half of one.  After yesterday's hair cut, she came in through the sliding glass window (I cut her out on our covered patio area) and she runs to the kitchen.  When I get there, I open the fridge door and she nearly jumps inside it.  The girl LOVES her hot dogs.

A trip to the dog park is a real treat for her.  In fact, we can't even say "D Park" anymore because she KNOWS that means Dog Park.  When I take her to the Library, I have to say "The Book Place".  She gets SO EXCITED to go to either place, but the Dog Park is her most favorite.

I get her over to the dog park at least once per week, and to the library (which is 1/4 of a mile away) about four times per week.  Above are four pictures which represent a few of the visits over the past month.  One time she was essentially alone, but today she was one of eight or nine dogs in the small dog park, and she had a blast.  Last week I pulled in, took a long way around the parking lot, and parked a bit further away than normal...I wanted to see how long it would take for her to know where we were.  After I parked she got on my lap and I rolled down my window so she would look out there instead of the front window.  She looked, smelled, looked, whined, turned her head and saw the dog park...I could barely contain her as she wiggled and squirmed begging to get out and over to the park.  Yep, she LOVES the Dog Park.

No promises, but I will try to do better, and I will 'try' to clean up the good camera, charge it, and hunt down some Florida pictures.


  1. Good for Marcia!!! I agree, those statins cause more problems than they cure. Indie is just the cutest. Cooper doesn't care unless he hears a lot of barking from the TV. Now let him hear a coyote and he goes crazy!!! You did a great hair cut job. Poor Cooper always looks like the kid from across the tracks.

    1. This was the best haircut I have been able to give her...she is being more relaxed and understanding about it all, she especially 'understands' that hot dog treat at the end of it. Her normal treat is pork loin that I cut and then fry up and put into baggies into the freezer except for the one in the fridge. Hot dogs are not the best for dogs, but less than one a week I just don't see hurting her.

  2. Glad Marcia's numbers are coming down.
    You might be able to take the northern route after attending the Wedding in July.
    Always nice seeing how excited Indy gets for other animals.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Definitely a northern route BUT what and who do we want to see along the way. A lot depends upon this COVID thing it going away? Are the states going to loosen up with the vaccine here?? What about the "super COVID", is that going to throw a wrench into the fan???


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