Sunday, September 27, 2020

Indy's Point of View

Hello World, Indy here.  My name use to be Betty, but on July 4th of this year, just about three months ago, I came into my Mom and Dad's world, and due to the date, they named me Independence...Independence "K" to be exact.  The "K" is after my Auntie Sandy, who connected me to my new home.  To make it easy, they just call me "INDY", but sometimes dad slips and calls me "Indianapolis" due to the Indy 500 being from Indianapolis.  Did you know that Indianapolis got its name from Indiana, which is Indian Country, and 'apolis' is Greek for city.  

INDY!  You are talking TOO much...I know this is your first time, but let's make it short, kinda like how you are ... short.

Ok Dad.  So let's see.  Oh ya, in that picture above you see me BEGGING dad to take me out with him to get some pictures.  He started to say NO, but hey, how could anyone say no to a face like that?  (BTW: do you see my two favorite toys behind me?  My squeaky squirrel and my chew ball.)

First thing we did today was move.  WOW, this was the shortest move I have ever gone through.  Bubba said that he has gone through even shorter moves than this one...but today we move a few hundred yards from zone A to zone B, which is a first-come, first-serve area.  Dad paid for another night, but he thinks we will be here two more nights.  I hope so because I am not use to this moving all the time thing.  But hey, I have not lost my lunch, I mean breakfast yet!

As we pulled out of the camping area of the park, dad stopped and showed me where we are.  WOW, can you look at all that GRASS!  This is better than Sandy and Arny's, and better than yesterday because we get all this grass without having to share it with anyone.  Hey, what is that other dog doing there in that little window to my left?

I tried to tell you this before Indy, it is a mirror, and that dog is you.  You bark at yourself in the motorhome, you bark at your self in the reflection of Sandy and Arny's sliding glass door...I'm telling you, it is YOU!.

Dad even moved the seat all the way forward so that I could see out the windows!  Thanks dad, that made it so much more enjoyable.  I've tried telling you that every time I tossed my breakfast on trips over to see Grandma, or to the Vet, or to...

You are welcome Indy, but we don't have to talk about doggie throw-up, now do we?

Hey dad, what is that out there?

You mean the farm house?

No dad, that green and yellow thing with the big arm.

Oh, that is a Combine Harvester. It is a machine designed to harvest a variety of grain crops, such as wheat, oats, rye, barley, corn, stuff like that. The name derives from its combining three separate harvesting operations—reaping, threshing, and winnowing—into a single process. It is an important machine for operating the farm.

Look out there Indy, you can see where the combine has already harvested this hay field.  Hey, I thought YOU were suppose to be telling this story?

Not anymore dad, it is time for me to bug Bubba...I mean, take a nap and dream about bugging Bubba.

I know what you mean Indy, and listen up little girl, I saw Bubba turn on Skruffy, and he will turn on you too if you keep this up.

Dad, who is Skruffy?

Oh Indy, I told you...

Oh ya, it is that 'other' dog that use to sit on your lap, give you licks, let you rub her belly...hey, I let you rub my belly too, is it time for another belly rub?

Not right now Indy, I got to wrap up this blog...but you did a wonderful job for such a young little doggie.

Thanks daddy.

Here is another farm house nearby, what a charming place.

Here is a picture of the dam...tried to get the other side, but hard to do without a large chain link fence in the forefront of the picture.

Here is a standard fishing boat for the area...

...Unlike this contraption which is...

...two boats side-by-side!

Here is a panoramic of where we are now staying....the motorhome is smack in the middle of the picture.  We remained without neighbors until around 5 pm, when a couple in a large motorhome, with a cat which can wander off leash and come on command (did you hear that Indy, COME ON COMMAND) pulled in.  There is another nearby, but can't see them without walking down the road a bit.  

Tomorrow I had hoped to be boondocking at the Tetons...but the nightly low is going to be in mid to low 20's tonight, upper 20's tomorrow.  Tuesday will be in the low 30's with highs of low 70's...I think we can deal with that for one night.  I know the view will be worth it.

AUNT SANDY, YOU TOLD ME THAT IF THEY DON'T GIVE US OUR DAILY TREATS THAT I AM {mumble, garble, mumble...}  Don't worry SIS, they are being taken care just fine!


  1. Indy you are a cutie patootie!! You've got to love that face. What a new life ... you can imagine she hasn't seen anything like it!! In no time she'll be a seasoned traveler.

    1. First thing she loves, getting out and smelling the smells. She has been such a gift, but she does bother big boy Bubba, one of these days he is going to put her in her place as he did Skruffy.

  2. Lots of people don't realize why they or their pets get sick when traveling. They call it car-sickness but it's actually caused by Static Electricity. The Alternator produces a Magnetic Field throughout the vehicle . I t will cause occupants Car-Sickness, Falling Asleep (not good if you are the driver) Extreme Tiredness at the end of the day and getting Zapped when touching Metal parts of the vehicle.
    A good way to fix that problem is to add Static Straps to your RV. Years ago you saw Semis with chains bouncing off the ground. Very dangerous for those following when the worn links broke off. By simply having a Wire or Cable attached to the chassis that touches the pavement periodically as you travel will eliminate all those problems in you as well as your pets.
    I have been a firm believer over the last Forty Years.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the improved travels.

    It's about time.

    1. Thanks, will look into that. As for Indy, she tossed her breakfast three times in the car on short (2 miles each way) trips. No problems in RV other than she is so alert to all new noises, and you can imagine how many new noises there have been.

  3. Indy and Dave you are both making me sad that our traveling days are over. But I am glad we have our Biscuit to enjoy. Indy, you would like him. He is what you call a Beagle. And he is stubborn with a nose that leads him around.

    1. So far, this little girl has not met a dog it did not like. A bark at first, but quickly makes friends...especially if the dog will run and play with her. Today (Monday) her and Bubba tied me up with their leashes as I sat down gathering in the sun.


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