Friday, September 25, 2020

BM Says It All!


The smoke coming in from the west nearly obliterated the BM mountain in Battle Mountain, Nevada.  As kids, and I know I have said this before on the blog, that many, many years ago, we would 'SNICKER' every time we went through Battle Mountain because as kids, we ALL knew what "BM" stood for.  Back in the day, Elko, Battle Mountain, Winnemucca were all about the same size.  Today, Elko has a population of over 20,000.  Winnemucca is nearly 8,000.  Battle Mountain is 3,600.  One "HAS" to wonder if the big "BM" on the side of the mountain inhibits growth.  Company "X" says we are moving to Battle Mountain Nevada...a nice small town with small town values and a BIG BM on the side of the mountain just outside of town.  Nope, just don't think that conversation is going far.  Yep, the Business Marketing Major is coming out in me...

This is Marcia's best picture of the day.  On some days, she can get dozens of shots like this while we travel.  Today, just this one.  The smoke from the west had something to do with this, being in the middle of Nevada in fall is another.

This is our happiest picture of the day...finally out of Nevada.  Although we are only 30 miles into Idaho and the view has not changed much...we know that by tomorrow that will be alleviated.  Marcia took a good long nap between Wells and girl.

This is a no thrills RV Park, right behind Busters Restaurant and Saloon.  You find a camping spot, go in and they give you a key to open the power box.  Power, Water a Dump Station and good food all in the same location for $35 a night plus whatever your Food and Bar tab comes to if you indulge.  I took our food to-go, and for under $40, including the tip, we got two salads,  Brisket, two grilled Chicken breasts, green beans, and bread for the doggies (that bread is not on our low carb diet, dogs enjoy just a bite or two of it).  Not bad, and it was tasty.  A good, family owned place.

By the time I remembered to get pictures, the sun had just gone down.  Missed the sunset by just a few minutes, but what was left was still nice.

And to the south, the half moon was shrouded by smoky clouds.  Hoping for clearer days as we proceed further north-east.


  1. I have to agree with your marketing strategy. The big BM has got to go. Just go up there and spell it out!!

  2. Glad the smoke is starting to break up. Also see you are staying away from the warm temperatures and storms from the Gulf.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your travels.

    It's about time.

    1. Yep, but headed into the COLD of the Tetons...22 degrees tomorrow night, I think we will wait a day or two.


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