Monday, September 28, 2020

Final Day at Ririe Reservoir - Juniper Campground


This morning before my coffee was done we hear sirens along the road.  Thought that perhaps someone in the Park had a heartattack or something, but the six or seven county emergency vehicles went past the park and down the gravel road past the farm houses.  Well, Indy and I hit the car just in case, and what we found was a calm Ririe Reservoir...  Found out later that there was an accident with a Bulldozer...that is all I know about it.

WOW, look at the reflection on that Reservoir!

 There are sixty full hookup sites here at Juniper Campground.  Area A is reservation only, B and C are first come - first serve.  We did one night in A, two nights in B...should have just done B all along, but coming in on a Saturday made me feel a bit uncomfortable, so I took a slot in A, which cost $2 more (a processing charge).

Since we moved into B we found that we have been nearly alone.  Of course, it was a Sunday night and now a Monday night, but hey, NO ONE around us tonight, and two last night who moved on early.  Quiet, peaceful, magical...SCORE!  As you can see from the pictures, most sites will fit very large rigs.  Only two (that I saw) did not have electric or water and sewer, but I think when real busy, they allow rigs to park in other areas with no services too.  There is a dump station for those who need it.

Tomorrow we are going to drive through the Tetons, and stop in Riverton Wyoming, putting us a day out from Buffalo Wyoming where we plan to stay for another 3-4 nights. 


  1. Now that's the perfect campground. NO NEIGHBORS!!!

    1. Sometimes you come upon a campground that you just don't want to leave...this is one like that this time of year. But I think even when it is busy it is a nice park

  2. That's the way all campgrounds should be.
    Nice Pictures and Scenery.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the next leg of your travels.

    It's about time.


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