Friday, January 18, 2019

Open Live Writer Error Fix

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This blog will be boring for most of you…but for the person who blogs using the Open Live Writer software…well, this is for you.  For the past two days (since January 16th) Open Live Writer has been impossible to blog with for those on the blogger platform unless you did not have pictures…what good is a travel/RV blog without pictures???

THIS (above) is the error that Open Writer Users are getting as they attempt to post their blog.  The problem is that photos posting through Open Writer automatically are posted onto Google Pictures in an album called “Open Live Writer”.  When that folder reaches 2000 photos, it starts a new folder.  About a year or two ago, once this folder reached 2000, it would not start a new one…we have to go in, rename the folder, and then it would automatically create a new folder named “Open Live Writer” and it allowed us to post again.  THIS problem is different.  It will not automatically load the pictures into Google Pictures…we NOW have to do this manually.  WHAT A PAIN, but “Open Live Writer” is still the best way to post blogs in my opinion.  Below is the work around for using “Open Live Writer” and posting pictures to your blog…

My pictures folders on computer

Load your pictures onto your computer, edit the photos as needed, store in a folder on your computer of your choice.  Personally, I always store my pictures by year, by month within the year, by day within the month.  Above you can see my July 2018 folder, and the daily pictures listed by the date that I put them on the computer.  For me, it makes it easier when I need to “find” a picture I had taken even years ago.  You probably have your own system, just use that system…you just need to know where your pictures are so that you load them into the next step.

Sharing folder in Google Pictures

Load the pictures you are going to use for you blog into the Open Live Writer Album folder in Google Pictures.  This is easy to do by just moving them from the folder on your computer into the browser you are viewing your Open Live Writer Album with.  Be sure that the Open Live Writer Album is shared to all.  Above shows the icon you click to share your album.  Once you click it, a new small window will appear, and in the bottom left is a link to “create link”, which will then make the folder public.

Copying from Google Pictures

When you are ready to put a picture into “Open Live Writer”, and you have followed steps one and two above for that picture, all you have to do now is to click on that picture in Google Pictures.  I use Firefox, and this trick should work for other browsers….I just right click on the picture, it opens a window and “Copy Image” is one of the choices.  Once copied, I go back to “Open Live Writer” and paste it where I want to place the picture.  There are other ways to paste it into “Open Live Writer”, but this is the simplest for me.

Complete your blog, now it is ready to post to blogger.  Personally I always post via the “Post draft to blog” method.  That allows me to bring it up in blogger, add Labels, Location and Search Description, and also do a “Preview” to see how it is going to look in a browser.

Pain in the Neck

I am hoping that this problem gets fixed like the last problem … but only time will tell.  This method will be a pain in the … this is going to be if they don’t fix it.

Also, just because I can...the weather here in Florida is wonderful.  Today it got to 71 degrees, it is 56 now (10:30), and our coldest day in the upcoming week will be Monday with a high of 59.  Marcia had her first Doctor Appointment, and all went well.  Other than high cholesterol, which does not mind and won't treat because higher cholesterol is good for people with MS because MS is a demyelinating disease, and cholesterol protects the myelin sheath.  The doctor has tried putting her on statins for three years now...this year they gave up.  Marcia despises statins, she says her first husband, his brother, a cousin and a cousin's husband and brother each took statins, and they died within a few years.  But her MS is the biggest reason she does not want to treat it.

And just a few minutes ago my youngest son Ryan sent the following picture...

This is Kaelyn, they plan to get married in the fall...and he FINALLY gave her a ring, and it does not appear to be one from a Crackerjacks Box!


  1. Congrats to Ryan and Kaylyn!! Computer programs are ALL a pain in the neck. Glad you were able to find a way around the picture problem. Seems several of my friends are having blogging troubles lately.

  2. Thanks for the details. Lots of trouble IMO but it doesn't appear they are going to fix the 404/400 or set up something other than picassa or even give a fig about those of us who love livewriter. Wonder what blogging software those with their own domains use?

    1. Not sure if they will, or can, fix the problem...Tried again with a fake post at 10 pm on 1-21-2019 and it still was broken, and tried my method and it still worked. Keeping my fingers crossed because this is a pain...

  3. Thank you for this. It's been extremely frustrating not to be able to post. Not sure I fully understand all the steps, but I'll give it a go.

  4. Well, it didn't work for me. I wonder if it's because I'm pulling the photos from a Picasa file after editing? Very discouraging.

    1. May I suggest doing a fake post where you do one sentence and one picture. When you do the picture, edit in Picasa. Copy it into Google Pictures. Bring up the Google Picture and copy it, and paste it into the fake post page. Then try a "post draft to blog"...that should work. If so, delete it and try a real post. Hope that helps.

  5. Thank you for writing and sharing this fix. It worked wonderfully for me.

    1. I hope they fix it...but this is a work around until they do, if they do....

  6. I search the error number and your post came up, so thank you for that. The reason I really like OLW is that it will automatically apply the watermark on my images. With this new way of loading images, the watermark isn't an option, so I have to add that to all of my images first. I know it isn't that big of a deal but it is an extra step. Any ideas on how to remedy that?

  7. You are a genius and thank you so much. I hope they make an easier workaround but I battled with this one for hours and you have solved the problem. I am going to forward your link on Twitter as others must be having the same problem.


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