Tuesday, January 1, 2019

BOOM Boom boom NEW YEARS EVE boom Boom BOOM

Home in Holiday / Tarpon Springs area, FL


We have been living the ‘winters’ in the condo now since May 2013, but this year was the first year we were actually ‘at the condo’ for New Year’s Eve.  What a SURPRISE we were in for.  It all started around noon…a few booms here and few booms there.  By 6 pm, the booms had increased 5 fold.  By 10 pm, they were every minute…by 11 pm they were every 15 seconds…by 11:50 it was constant.  THANK GOODNESS poor little Skruffy is loosing her hearing, they did not affect her at all.  By 1 am, it was over, other an occasional one.   And these booms and bangs were all over…close by…with a short duration of calm when the helicopter flew overhead for about 5 minutes.  Around 12:15 the fire trucks went out in force…don’t know what that was about.

Ryobi Drain Auger

Since the day after Christmas, we have been fighting with a slow draining sink.  The culprit, putting Asparagus ends in the garbage disposal Christmas Day, along with a daily fill of Coffee Grounds from out French Press.  This is the THIRD time in our six and a half years here that we have had problems with this sink drain.  The previous two times it was onion peelings…which we stopped after talking to the guy who cleared it last time (at a price of $250 B-T-W)  This stoppage was more of a slowness.  Run water for 30 seconds and it starts backing up the sink drains.  Drain cleaners helped a bit…got it a 45 second limit, but I finally broke down and bought this nifty Drain Auger (snake).  Runs on 110 volt –OR- battery pack.  Since we don’t have much need for these type of tools, no need to buy battery pack, which is separate from the $129 plus tax price tag.  It goes out 25 feet, which is 3 feet beyond the connection to the main line…so perfect for our needs. 

Sink Drain

Here is a look under our double sink.  The big Black item to the right is the garbage disposal I put in a few years ago (replacing one already there).  There is a white drain coming out the side of the disposal, and above it a grey line where the dishwasher line empties into the disposal.  To plunge the drain, I have to plug up that line to the dishwasher, turn on the disposal, then plunge the left sink…not an easy trick.  However, this did not work at all.

Sink Drain

After getting the drain auger, I took off the trap drain pipe (the smaller arrows), then the pipe line coming out of the wall (the big arrow).  This allowed the drain auger snake line to enter the system.  As it does, it immediately heads down, then to the right.  This electric auger handled these two turns very easy.  The trick is not knowing how far you are with the line.  I estimate that I went about 20’ the first time, put things together, and it did not do the trick.  Did it the second time using all the line…I now know there is a knuckle in the line near the end showing you that it is all out.  That did the trick.  Just to be sure, I will be putting a heavy-duty Drain-o down the line the next two nights.  Glad to report that I ran the water for 2 1/2 minutes this morning, and it drained just right.  Oh, the auger brought out a bit of Asparagus, and some coffee grounds.  YUCK.  At least now we are equipped to do our own drains from now on…and I hope it is not a yearly thing! 

Mr. Coffee Maker

The first thing I did yesterday was go to Walmart and get this 5 cup programmable coffee maker, $17, so we don’t have to mess with the French Press coffee grounds each day.  LOVE the French Press…makes GREAT coffee…but it is difficult to clean without getting grounds down the disposal.  Would rather drink Mr. Coffee than clean out the drain all the time.  (Google - drains coffee grounds - and you will see that coffee grounds are BAD for drain pipes…”Coffee grounds are among the biggest drain clogging offenders”…who would have known, and WHY did the guy tell us about onions and not coffee grounds?)

Tim Allen Grunt

For those fans of Home Improvement, you KNOW what I am doing … pulling a Tim Taylor Grunt.



  1. Do you rent out? Just kidding. My problem is probably a plugged air vent .... which means on the roof. Not going there, so I just have long conversations with it as it bubbles and gloops back at me.

    1. Yea, if I was there, I would do it for a yummy berry pie! lol

  2. I just put the filter/grounds, onion/vegetable peelings, napkins/used paper towels around trees/flowers and cover them with soil. I’ve the biggest, fattest worms you could want for fishing bait. Hi to Marsha and furbaby.

    1. Good idea, but here at the Condo, they don't let us put ANYTHING outside except door mats front and back. VERY strict HOA....


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