Monday, October 8, 2018

Dodging Hurricanes, Visiting Family

Home in Holiday / Tarpon Springs area, FL

Hurricane Michael

As of October 7th, this is the forecast of the late season hurricane that is going to hit Florida.    Impact was forecasted at Destin Florida…

Hurricane Michael

As of this morning…the impact has moved 60 miles to the east, closer to Panama City Beach.

Hurricane Michael

As of 3 pm, they are talking about a ‘major hurricane’, but still hitting the Panama City Beach area.  Good for us…bad for them….a major hurricane has winds over 110 MPH, and gust at 120-130…tropical storm winds in the Tamp area…not good.


Above is what a Category 5 storm will do…from a 1 through a 5.  This storm looks to be a Cat 2, perhaps a cat 3.  “IF” a Cat 3, our roof may cut loose…but as long as it keeps heading north, we have nothing to worry about.

Winn-Dixie near our condo

Don’t know if we will need to, but we are prepared to bring the motorhome over to the Winn-Dixie near our condo ‘just in case’ we lose power.  With MS, Marcia needs to have an air conditioned environment…and frankly, without MS, I do too.  Smile

(Left to Right)  Linda, Marcia, Skevos

For the past week we have been visiting with family, and just settling in.  Above is a picture of Marcia’s youngest brother Skeveos (father’s side) and his wife Linda. They came by on Saturday to visit…it was a short 4 hour visit.  They live in Brooksville, about an hour north of us, and we did not see them at all last time we were home, so that was very nice.  The night before we went to Mama Maria’s in Tarpon Spring with her brother Mike and wife Sandy and grandchild Logun.  Logun brought McD’s with him…his favorite place to eat at, along with his Nintendo Switch.  Logun is autistic, about 10 years old…when his Nintendo froze up, he brought it over to me, I restarted it for him, and he was so happy that it wasn’t broken.  Winking smile

Cracker Barrel, Lakeland Florida

On Tuesday of last week we met Marcia’s brother Dean (mother’s side) and wife Caryl at the Lakeland Cracker Barrel for an early lunch.  After a couple hours there, we headed back.  We took the motorhome because it is so much easier on Marcia on a long trip like that…and we parked fairly close to the door…which was nice (see red line above).  On the way there and back the traffic was fairly light…however once back to the condo, after dropping Marcia and Skruffy off, I heard that there was a major wreck off Interstate 75…

Tomatoe Truck Wreck, Fowler road and I-75

A news report told it this way:  “
The multi-vehicle crash occurred after 4 p.m. Tuesday. Florida Highway Patrol troopers said a 40-year-old female driver was entering the northbound entrance ramp of I-75 when she lost control of her 2004 Toyota Sequoia. Investigators said the SUV rotated across the northbound lanes of I-75, and into the path of a tractor-trailer.

Both collided, sending the SUV into a barrier wall along the overpass and the truck over a wall, and down onto Fowler Avenue. Troopers said the tractor landed on another vehicle, killing the driver inside. The wreckage ignited a fire which burned for more than 20 minutes.

WOW!  This was about 45 minutes after we had passed this intersection!  That sure makes one think about things, that’s for sure….

Hurricane Michael

As of 5:30 pm this is the latest on Hurricane Michael.  Yes, we are in the ‘red’ (bottom right of the red), but outside of the path.  This storm is a fast moving one…so even if it does hit us, the rain will come and go pretty fast.  Tomorrow I will take a few things over to the motorhome…today I turned on the fridge just in case we lose power.  By Wednesday night, on the way to church, I am sure all I will have to do is shut everything down.  However, we are prepared to bring it over to the grocery store near us if needed…it just does not look like that will be needed.  Always better to be prepared….


  1. Oh my gosh!!! I'll be sending out lots of prayers that your roof stay intact. I'm not a fan of hurricanes or tornados.
    Terrible accident .... I just don't understand why people drive so fast (the usual reason for accidents). So glad you missed it.
    Take care ... I'll be watching the weather!!

    1. As of this morning...the path is still northward, good for us, bad for them.


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