Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Road Trip! St. Augustine…

Road Trip Map

Sunday morning we are headed out on a road trip!  YEAH!!!!!

Road Trip Map

Some how or another we landed a 2 day reservation at Anastasia State Park for Sunday and Monday night.  It will be a brief visit to St Augustine, but if we wanted a longer visit, we would need to make the reservation like a year in advance.  At least we can get a feel for it, and some day we will hope to return for a longer stay.

Road Trip Map

Then we head up north to visit a friend of Marcia’s that just recently moved to Amelia Island close to where her daughter lives.  Last year we met Gerry and her daughter Ruth at a Cracker Barrel along I-75, half-way between them and us.  This year we have a reservation at a RV park 30 miles from where they live, which is the closest we could get on short notice. 

Road Trip Map

Finally, we will be near Marcia’s brother Dean and wife Caryl’s new house in DeLand.  Surprisingly, this reservation was the hardest to nail down.  There is a campground just 2 miles from their house…which doesn’t have any opening until April.  Others in the area were also full…so I feel lucky that we were able to get in at Highbanks Marina and Camp Resort.  And, of course, it is the most expensive.   We just found out today that Caryl is having surgery Thursday, and by the time we get there she should be home.  Prayers for this common surgery are, of course, in order.

Not only do we intend to visit Dean and Caryl, but Marcia has another friend who lives up north who is visiting the Orlando area whom she has not seen since late 1970’s.  About a month ago she was talking about Gladys, so I did my sleuthing and found a phone number for her, and urged Marcia to call.  Amazingly, Gladys was home, and during the conversation she said that she had been thinking of Marcia and Gus (Marcia's first husband who died over ten years ago) just that morning!  Amazing how those things work out that way.

So 600 miles in six days…that’s a nice little Road Trip!

Orthodox Cross

Our prayers are with you Caryl and with Dean…We love you both.


  1. Sounds like a fun trip - have a good time!

    1. First time to St Augustine for either of us!

    2. We are going next week and staying at a private RV park, since the state park had no more openings. We'd love to hear what sites around St. Augustine you thought were worth seeing!

    3. Mary,

      We were only there for one day so we only saw what we could by car, and by walking down the main walking areas. Had we been there for numerous days, we would have purchased Trolley Passes which are good for 3 consecutive days, and then added a few attractions to that...they have various packages one can purchase. You are just going to have to look and see what interests you the most...there is lots of things to see and do there, some look interesting to us, some look like tourist traps. Hope you have a good time. --Dave


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