Sunday, February 12, 2017

Made it to Anastasia State Park

Anastasia State Park

We made it to Anastasia State Park around 3:00 pm, a nice 5 hour drive from Tarpon Springs.  We DID end up bringing Bubba after all because the cool weather means the dogs can stay in the RV while we are out sight-seeing and visiting our friends and family during this trip.  Today was 80 degrees, but the rest of the week is going to be in the lower 70’s.  Also, this park has LOTS of shade. 

 Sunset Grill, St. Augustine Beach

After a short rest after setting up camp, we went out to dinner.  Just a couple of miles away is St. Augustine Beach, and the Sunset Grille was our destination.

 Sunset Grill, St. Augustine Beach    Sunset Grill, St. Augustine Beach

We found a table in the patio area, which is also enclosed…but not a place you want to eat at during inclement or cold weather.  With temps sitting at 75 degrees at 5:30 when we arrived, it was just right.  (cell phone pictures don’t do it justice)  There was no noise problems, temperature was very pleasant, and the service and food were real good.

 Sunset Grill, St. Augustine Beach

Marcia had Snapper, with some green beans and a mix vegetables, while I had grilled shrimp with the same vegetables.  Since Thanksgiving we have been on a low carb diet…which is working, but will take time.  We try to have some good green vegetables each and every day, and either a fish or meat dish for dinner, and normally some sort of egg dish for breakfast.  Anyway, tonight we really enjoyed our meal, and stayed within our diet too.  Michael, who has worked there for three years, did a wonderful job servicing us, and if we were to stay in the area longer, we would definitely go back because they have other dishes we would enjoy…but I doubt this will be our first visit to Anastasia State Park or St. Augustine.

Anastasia State Park

Tomorrow is going to be a whirlwind, one day tour of Anastasia State Park, and of St. Augustine.  Maybe by the time we are done I will be pronouncing St. Augustine correctly because I insist on calling it ‘St. Agustine’, not pronouncing the first “u”.  Marcia said, “What is wrong with you, did you not have phonics in school?”  When I answered “That is correct, did not have phonics...raised in California they had a new and better way to teach reading, which failed, and they went back to phonics, but that did not help me.” She did not believe me, but when I started to call mom, she relented.  It is one of the reasons I never got into reading novels despite being a Librarian for 23 years.  If I read a book, it was non-fiction.  Read a few (one or two) Star Trek paperbacks, and as a kid I would read many items out of the Reader's Digest...especially the true stories (like "Drama in Real Life".)  Regardless, hoping to get up at the crack of dawn and getting a picture I have never taken before…a sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean.  I have two opportunities, and I think I had better jump on the first one in the morning.  We will see…


  1. Looks like a great place. Congrats for sticking to the diet!! I always seem to fall off the wagon!!

    1. The hard part was starting before Christmas...but we did and made it through just fine. 18-22 net carbs a day, and as of Saturday I have lost 15 lbs. Did not put it all on at once, can't take it off all at once either.

      We love this park...real nice.


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