Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Finally Finished Alaska Highway – to Watson Lake, Yukon Territory

Map of 40 miles of once missed Alaska Highway

What?  I thought you have been in Alaska now for 2 months…what do you mean “Finally Finished the Alaska Highway”?   Well, back two months ago when we went to Skagway, we cut corners…going from Jakes Corner (where the “B” is on map) over to to Carcross and then on to Skagway.  Upon our return, we went from Carcross up to Whitehorse.  So technically, we missed about 40 miles of the Alaska Highway…but today, on our trip from Whitehorse to Watson Lake, we finished those 40 miles, as represented by the red travel line in the map.

Marsh Lake, Yukon Territory     Mountains east of Marsh Lake, Yukon Territory

Essentially we missed Marsh Lake, and a few scenic mountains. The road was in good condition…in fact, there was only a small area of construction which was not very bumpy.  We decided to stay at Baby Nugget RV Park just west of Watson Lake, and we lucked out by getting the closest site nearest the office…which means we have access from our site to their Internet.  Last time we were a couple of sites away, and my post did not include pictures due to the slowness of the connection.  Today the connection is good, and we have had no problems with the Internet.

Teslin River near Johnsons Crossing, Yukon Territory

Teslin Lake, Yukon Territory     Teslin Lake, Yukon Territory

The rest of our journey to the RV Park was covering “old ground”, such as crossing the Teslin River near Johnsons Crossing (top above), and driving along Teslin Lake (left and right above)…the good thing is that the construction along the lake was finished, except that they were working on the bridge near the town of Teslin, so it was one lane, 10 mph when you did go over it.  That only caused us a 5 minute delay.

Yukon Territory between Watson Lake and Teslin

Yukon Territory between Watson Lake and Teslin      Yukon Territory between Watson Lake and Teslin

There are a few things about this trip which have changed my perception about certain things…most likely I will cover these in a blog once the trip is done.  For instance, as a kid I looked upon the Yukon in the eyes of “Sergeant Preston of the Yukon”…with the Yukon being a harsh, hard land with amazing mountainous beauty.  Today it hit me just how lush and green the land is, how pure the waters are, and clean the air smells.  Harsh?  Yes, during the winter it is very harsh.  Mountains?  Yes, the mountains are wonderful.  But what was missing in the old TV show of Sergeant Preston of the Yukon was the Yukon…it was filmed in Colorado!  What a wonderful place the Yukon is…and yet we only saw a very small portion of the Yukon while traveling the Alaska Highway, along with the side trips to Skagway and to Haines.  Even if we went up to Dawson City…that is still adding a small amount of the vast area that the Yukon covers.  Like Alaska, where you only see a small portion of the state, even though you have traveled all the major highways and some of the minor highways…it is so large that you can spend a lifetime and still not see it all.   Tomorrow we start along the Cassiar Highway, down into British Columbia, on our way to see some bears in Hyder.


  1. My granddaughter lives in Wasilla. I went to her wedding in third visit this year. Each time I've tried to see a little of Alaska in limited time I have and in an expensive rental car, staying in expensive hotel/cabins. I think the next time I go up, I'll take a ferry to Kodiak Island and beyond to see some of the other permit that is.

    1. I hope some day we make it back to Alaska...but if not, we have wonderful memories to remember it by, and there are other wonderful places to visit. Hope you do make it to Kodiak some day, just watch out for them BIG bear there. :)


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