Saturday, November 21, 2015

Day Trip to Truckee – Electrical Cord Burnt

Donner Lake

On Thursday mom, dad, Marcia and I took the 90 mile trip up to Truckee to enjoy the wonderful blue sky, 50 degree weather, snow on the ground from last weekend’s snow storm, and relatively light traffic.  At the summit we turned onto old highway 40, and got this view of Donner Lake, similar to the one that Marcia and I got during the summer.  Only bad thing…left my camera at home.  Sad smile  

Turkeys on the loose

On our way out of town we stopped by the blood factory so that dad could get his pro time test that he gets every few weeks.  There were six large turkeys in the parking lot…wonder how long that will last with Thanksgiving right around the corner.

Snow near Donner Summit

It is hard to imagine that 169 years ago the snow was 5 to 10 feet up in this area while the Donner party was stuck down by the lake below.  Oh, how Northern California could use that snow this year!

Smokey's Kitchen

We ate lunch at Smokey's Kitchen, a place that Marcia and I ate at over the summer.  Back then the place was packed, it took nearly an hour to get our food, but it was very tasty then.  Yesterday, we were the only ones there when we arrived, it took us longer to decide what to have then it took for them to cook it, and by the time we left there were 20 or so people in there. Dad and I had burgers, Marcia had a Veggie Omelet, and mom had a Spinach Salad.  Marcia and I splurged and got a rack of beef ribs to go, and had them for dinner. 

After lunch we took a little drive around town, went by our favorite Truckee campground and hit the road.  At our campground, by-the-way, they had closed off all by a handful of camping spots…the only one being used was by a person in a car eating their lunch.  With temps in the teens at night, one could understand why no one is camping…and everything looked to be free.   By 2 pm we were back home in time for dad to catch another episode of the “The Five”.

30 Amp Plug burnout

Today we had a small electrical issue.  Our 30 amp plug had burnt out.  Had an extra, better plug in the storage bin, and Arny, who is an expert at this stuff, attached the wires for me.  I had attached these set back in the fall of last year, and the black wire (left side) was not tight enough, allow for an arch which causes heat which causes breakdown.  The wires and cord are still in good shape, and the newer plug has more secure attachments, so I think we are good to go again.

60th Birthday

Speaking of “GO”, we leave next Friday….but first, someone turns the big “60” and a few days later we celebrate our Ancestors fall celebration. 



  1. The best camera is the one you have with you! LOTS of my pics are iPhone ones!! LOL The lake looks beautiful. Haven't been up there in years, and definitely not when there was snow!

    1. We have two cameras, and I typically have one in the car when we travel, but for some reason, I just forgot to take it. Might have been because I got up at 5:30 to start drinking my coffee, which is a few hours before my normal time. (don't know how you do it Nancy, must be all those years on the Ranch)

  2. That's pretty scary about the electrical cord. I wonder if it could have started a fire. 60, ha? I guess you mean Marcia. She still has a few years to go to catch up with me. I'm not having any more birthdays

    1. Once you loose your electrical connection, the heat source is gone and chances of a fire are very very low. As for Marcia, she married a bit younger...I think (know) she has you by a few years. It was I who turned big deal.


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