Friday, November 27, 2015

Bakersfield by Nightfall

I-5 south of Los Banos

We were on the road by 8:45…shooting for 9 am, so I felt good about that.  Traffic, at first, was not bad at all.  We decided to go I-5 instead of US-99 not only because of construction along 99, but mainly because of the Flying-J (gas and propane) and the Blue Beacon Truck Wash next door (to get the squirrel droppings off the RV – only downfall to staying in the backyard).   I also wanted to top off the tires which needed their winter adjustment…but I had to go over to Love’s across the street from Flying J because for some reason, Flying J had mostly broken hoses, and low pressure in the air department.  At Blue Beacon we had nearly an hour wait, which meant getting to Bakersfield by nightfall was going to be rough.

Who knows what, I-5 south of Los Banos

One thing about California is you never know what type of vehicle you will see out on the streets.   I have no idea what this is…a mixture of this and that from what I could see….

Bubba giving me that look

…Bubba, who uncharacteristically was sitting up on Marcia’s lap, gave me a look like, “I don’t think Arny would ever put a car out on the street looking like that piece of Sh….”   BUBBA, WATCH YOUR LANGUAGE!!!

Bubba on Marcia's lap for a good half hour

Bubba stayed up on Marcia’s lap for a good 30 minutes…wow, that’s a record for sure!!!!   Skruffy had been on her lap for a good hour or more, so Marcia had a good doggie day. 

Yes, we did make it to the Orange Grove RV Park in Bakersfield, but it was dusk, and I needed a flashlight to get everything hooked up.  Can’t wait until morning because there are MANY oranges on the orange trees, and they don’t mind (even encourage) you having a few to eat on the premises.  I will try and get my camera out, because all of today’s pictures were with my cell phone.  Not sure how far we will get tomorrow…guess you will have to check back and see.  Winking smile


  1. I've never stayed at that park ... I'll have to check it out. We have severe frost warnings this morning, so I hope you aren't frozen along with the oranges!!

    1. No freeze, but there are SO MANY oranges!!! Best thing about it this morning, they are already nice and cold!!! If you are ever headed through, this is a nice overnight stop, lots of spots, most are large pull-throughs.

  2. Our oranges aren't quite ripe yet. Don't forget us if you have time.


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