Thursday, September 10, 2015

Escaped the Heat, Found Cold Nights

Granite Flat NF Campground

Here we are in the same camping spot at Granite Flat NF Campground that we have been three times earlier this summer.  We did drive around, and there were a couple of spots we almost took….but here we are shaded, yet lots of sun to our backside for the solar panel. 

Granite Flat NF Campground

If you look closely in the bottom right of this picture, you can see the solar panel.  I have to rotate it three or four times during the day, and this was taken as the sun had just gone behind the hill to our west.

Granite Flat NF Campground     Granite Flat NF Campground

The campground has less than half the campers that it had last time we were here, and these folks are mostly our ages…although one Airstream trailer has three young kids in it.  As Marcia was taking her afternoon nap, I started to hear this noise that sounded like a bird or squirrel playing with a plastic bottle cap. 

Golden Mantle Ground Squirrel

These little creatures (Golden Mantle Ground Squirrel) are running all over the place…but they are so fast it is hard to get a good picture of them.  I had wondered if one of them had found something under our RV.  So I quietly go to the door and found it was those three kids riding their little scooters with plastic wheels on the loop road. 

Skruffy    Skruffy

Had Skruffy out on the table for awhile and she was having a hard time keeping up with these little critters herself.  When she did lock in on one, she would give this low whinny growl of hers…she really is doing so much better about not barking all the time.

Camco Tri-Levelers

You may have noticed something new on, or should I say under, our motorhome.  Picked up three of these Camco Tri-Levelers.  Three because I think most of the time we only need two…but if the site is way off to the right or left, I want one under both rear tires along with the front tire.  I store them behind the driver in the HHR because they just take up too much space in the motorhome. 
grocery store
Other than going to the Grocery Store (nice Safeway in Truckee) we did little else.  The temps were in the low 40’s last night, we turned the generator on for coffee and heating for an hour, and by 10 am it was 70 degrees.  The high was around 88, and right now, 7:15, it is down to 72 again headed for 40 again.  Far cry from the triple digit temps down in the valley, that’s for sure.


  1. Sounds downright lovely!! The fog is keeping it cool here in Newport.

    1. Next week we are in Sac Area, the following week we will be in Santa Cruz and Big Sur areas with a weekend stay at Pinnacles National Park to try and capture a Condor picture or two....I think 100 degree temps are over for us this year.

  2. That's quite a temperature change. Skruffy is doing a good job guarding the picnic table.

    1. Well she was not guarding it when someone burnt the has been that way each time we have been here, probably a cooking stove....


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