Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Last Heat Wave – Heading to the High Country

Hot Hot Sun

I can clearly remember some HOT September days growing up in Sacramento.  Although most of my classes in grade school were in air conditioned rooms, there were also some which were in the dreaded School Bungalow classrooms…today I think they call them “pre-fab temporary learning centers”, so something like that.  Back then they were made of wood, no air conditioning, windows on one side, and to bring in a breeze one would have to open the door across from the windows.  Every September we seemed to have a few of these hot days…as we would in May or very early June.  So each year we would have three to six or more days of 100 degree weather during the school year. 

Duck And Cover      The Bomb

I can still remember the “duck and cover” drills in case of an Atomic Bomb going off nearby.  By Junior High a teacher showed some atomic bomb blast films, talked about the destruction zone, the fire outside of the total destruction zone, and it did not take long before a student, not me, ask, “Why do we have these duck and cover drills when there won’t be anything left of us after the “bomb” hits the state capital?

Sacramento 10 Day Forecast

The outlook for Tuesday and the next ten days is HOT HOT HOT, especially for the next seven days.  Tomorrow dad has a doctor appointment in Sacramento which I am going to drive him to.  Mom has her after surgery check-up tomorrow morning, and I think the surgeon is going to be very pleased about things.  So we will be putting up with one HOT day…

Donner Lake

…but Wednesday morning we are headed up to the 6,000 foot level…which will bring us back to the Truckee / Donner Lake area.

Kindle Fire HD-7

In anticipation of being in a National Forest Campground for a week to ten days, I loaded both of our Kindle Fire HD-7’s with Amazon Prime movies to watch.  Last time we were up there we watched two movies “on-line” and ate up 8 gigs of our 40 gig aircard for the month.  This way we will watch movies “off line” and just occasionally bring the Kindle online to communicate with Amazon.  Once you start a movie, you have 48 hours to watch it…then Amazon needs to “talk to” your Kindle to verify that everything is ok…then you take it off line again.  “IF” we want, we can go to the McDonalds or the Public Library and delete items off the Kindle and load new ones on. I have items in a “want to watch list”, so downloading is all I will need to do…which depends on the speed we get.  

Granite Flats National Forest Campground

So back to Granite Flats National Forest Campground we go. 

Truckee 10 Day Forecast

Now those temps we can handle”! 

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