Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Birthday Girl, back in the HOT Valley

Arny and Sandy's backyard

We enjoyed a couple of days up in Truckee, and headed down to the valley mid-morning, and arrived at 1:00 sharp.  The dogs were over joyed to be back in “Arny Land”, and when Sandy got home from work a little before 4, well, they let her know that they missed her too.

Birthday Cake

Today is Marcia’s birthday.  Mom had chicken and rice, and Sandy brought a shrimp, scallop, clam sauce linguini dish that Arny made the day before.  Marcia did not want to a “big thing” for her birthday, and I plan to take her out for some Greek food in the next few days.


It was 85 when we arrived, and by 4 pm it was hitting 90.  Now that is not nearly as hot as some of the temps we encountered over the summer, and some of the temps we missed when we escaped up to the Washington coast back in August…but it was the hottest temps we had encountered for a few weeks now.  And at nightfall in Utah and up in Truckee it immediately seems to get to 70 and then it falls quickly from there.  It was 36 degrees this morning when we awoke.  It is past 9 pm right now and still in the mid to low 70’s.  Can’t complain about those temps, but sure is warmer than what we have been used to over the past few weeks.  At least the triple digit temps are over…or at least we hope they are over.


There are a few ‘minor’ items that I need to take care of, which I will share in my next post in a few days.  Overall, we have been very happy with the performance of the motorhome over the past few months.  I think all motorhome and RV owners know that there is “always something” that needs to be done….just how it is.


  1. Happy Birthday, Marcia!! Yes, it is always something with the MH!! Off to try to figure out our front problem in the morning!

    1. Our issues are so minor compared to yours...but we have had our major ones this year, that's for sure. Hope they figure it out this time.

  2. Replies
    1. Marcia says: "Thanks Nancy...sure enjoyed meeting you in Washington. Tonight she is planning on having another Lemonilla Tillabars...yes, she still has some, and no, I won't even get a bite!

  3. Happy birthday, Marcia! Your weather looks pretty perfect to me. We are still having those triple digits here in Mesa. Unusual for now.

    1. Marcia says "Thanks Barbara. Hope to see you again when we visit the Phoenix area in late November, early December if you are still hanging around down there."

  4. Wishing you Happy Birthday, Marcia! Blessings, Lynn


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