Saturday, December 13, 2014

Sniff Sniff, Cough Cough, general update

Sick1  Sick3  Sick2

We have all been there before … head is stuffed up and your mind is foggy, your ears feel like they are going burst, throat is sore, the cough, the sneeze, the sweating, the hot feeling, the cold feeling.   Started hitting me Tuesday and by Tuesday night I was down and out.  The waves of feeling good followed by feeling bad, followed by feeling good … you wonder if you are ocean beach with so many high and low tides.  Friday night is the first night without medicine, and things are calming down, but then a large wave hits and, well, we have all been there before.


Remember the sinkhole swallowing the car about 8 weeks ago? (800 feet from our front door, by-the-way).  Well, she was able to move back into her house this past week…..AND….


...Hyundai of New Port Richey replaced her car for her as a "gift" for all the "national publicity" that Hyundai got when her old Hyundai was pulled out of the hole.   Well, that’s not what they said, but I am sure that Hyundai Inc. chipped in on this too.  She sure was a happy, happy lady…out of the motel room and back home with a new car to boot.  Where did she park it?  In the exact place her old one was parked.  Oh, and he County is going to start work on the sewer project again starting Monday …. they promise not to pump as much water out this time .... and they still don't agree that the work and massive pumping of water had anything to do with the sinkholes.


Before I got sick I did have a chance to use the new camera a little bit.  Here is a picture of the Anclote River in Tarpon Springs, no photoshop enhancements at all.  Below is a close up of the boat and birds in the center of the picture with minor photoshop to adjust the brightness, and no tripod used either.


Yep, going to like this new camera a lot.  You might also notice the new header picture which is similar to this view, but it is a panoramic view of the area using the panoramic feature.  I really like this camera!


Here is a shot of the motorhome with the solar panel sitting inside the windshield.  It is enough to keep the batteries charged, as long as I don’t have lights on all night like I did a week ago.  Had picked up Bubba and took him there to give him his topical flea, tick & heart-worm medicine and then let it dry before I took him back.  I accidentally left the bathroom lights on …. the only lights that are not LED or florescent …. and there are four or five bulbs.  Well, I caught it early, but the battery did fall below 50% for around 24 hours.  Ran the generator for a few hours and got it back up to near 100%, checked it twice since then and all is fine.


Last Sunday night I took Skruffy to an area she like to frequent not too far from where we live and we saw this terrible situation going on.  Found out there was a wreck with a fatality on the nightly news, which turned into an even more tragic news on Monday morning.  First, there was a DUI wreck, the intoxicated driver was driving the wrong way along Highway 19 causing a three car wreck, the emergency vehicles responded.  As they were cleaning it up, a motorcyclist got into a wreck going the other way on the other side of the highway.  The wife of the tow truck driver, who was riding with him, got out to help the motorcyclist and walked right into the path of a SUV as she was crossing highway 19, and she was the fatality.  We did not hang around very long, and I “think” this picture was taken after the lady was hit crossing highway 19.

4a    4b

Friday night we had some good clouds for sunsets…I just wasn’t up to going out to where the view would be better …. just glad I was feeling good enough at that moment to go out and get what I got.


  1. I'm sorry to hear you haven't been well, but am happy to hear you have improved! Blessings, Lynn

    1. I am not one to get sick too often, but when I do it can put me under for a few days. Doing much better, but decided to stay home from church and view it over the Internet instead of possibly getting others sick....although I think I am past that point now, but would rather be safe than sorry.

  2. Just came down with the stuff today. I am amazed I could catch it from you at this distance. I await the next sinkhole update. I agree with you, it ain't over yet if they are still pumping.

    1. Good luck fighting this crud, perhaps you will have a mild case of it. And yes, we will be wondering if the land will hold up or not. Friday we heard the windows rattle numerous times through the day, which just does not happen, and I did a check all around our building just to be safe....found out the Army and Navy were playing around out in the gulf, and expect to do the same next week....lots of sonic booms were heard with windows rattling all along this side of the Florida Coast from Tallahassee to past Tampa.

  3. Sorry to hear you've been feeling ill - get better soon!

    1. Feeling much better Cheryl, thanks. You should see the look I get out of Skruffy when I go through my sneezing fits...head tilts and she stares...then comes up to me slowly and gives my arm a bit of a rub to say, "You ok dad?"


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