Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Update


This is about the extent of our Christmas decorations…this and the seven "led" candles in our two front windows which automatically come on for six hours each day around 6:00 pm.

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On Monday we traveled to Gainesville to meet an old friend of Marcia’s who lives in Chicago, but was in Florida visiting her daughter.  Above is Gerry and Marcia who had not seen each other for at least 20 years, although they had kept in touch over the years. These four picture were taken by Gerry’s daughter Ruth, who sat next to me as we sat across from Gerry and Marcia while at the Cracker Barrel that we met at.  (By the way, Marcia has the pink shirt on, and Gerry has the white shirt on.)  You can see by their faces how happy they were to see each other again….I commented to Ruth that it was as if they had never missed a beat of their friendship over the years.  We sat in Cracker Barrel for 2 1/2 hours, but it seemed to less than an hour.  We are hoping that Gerry will move down to Florida to live near her daughter Ruth who, with her husband, are moving into a condo near Jacksonville.  They currently own a home in Georgia along with the condo in Florida....but they want to move down to Florida.

Christmas Eve we went to Brooksville to have Greek Christmas Eve with Marcia’s brothers, sister-in-laws and their kids and grandkids.  I think there was around 30 people there, most of whom I had met before…..all except for a young baby whom we both met for the first time, and Marcia’s sister’s daughter and grand-daughter whom I had not met before.  It was a chance to finally met her sister, but she was sick with that crud that I had a few weeks ago, so perhaps next time.  We also went to a special Christmas service at Church before coming back home.

Today we went over to her brother Mike’s house to have Christmas with Mike and Sandy, there grown children along with their growing grand-children.  We had a nice time, but it sure got a bit loud when one of the six dogs started barking…because it did not take long before all of the dogs were barking.  It was also nice to spend some time with Bubba.  Don’t know about all of you, but I know someone who is just beat!  All this Christmas stuff was just a bit too much for her.

Of course, we celebrate this time of year the birth of our Lord and Savior.  Merry Christmas to you all.


  1. Skruffy and Bubba wanted to say thank you to Uncle Arny and Aunt Sandy for the goodies under the tree for them. They wish they could be in Sacramento right now to say........BARK BARK BARK to the squirrels in the backyard.....and, of course, give Arny and Sandy a big juicy lick. Of course, there is nothing better than getting that morning treat from Arny each day, and the evening treat from Sandy when she got home each day, and Bubba really misses his tablespoon of Ice Cream that he got each night before coming back to the motorhome. :)

  2. Merry Christmas! May God bless you, as you celebrate our Lord, Jesus Christ's birth/birthday, and always!

  3. How wonderful to have so much family to spend the holidays with. Love the joyous pictures of Marcia and Gerry.

    1. Yes, it was so nice to see Marcia and Gerry laugh and hug and shed a tear or two too. Lovely time, and it was nice to get to know these old friends of hers for me too. I see you and David are enjoying time with your very nice....she looks like a remarkable woman. You two are certainly proud of her, it tells in the pictures.


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