Thursday, December 4, 2014

Skruffy’s New Trick (only trick?)


For those who have seen Skruffy eat her treats, which for the viewing audience out there in Blogland means “family members”, they know how fast and eagerly Skruffy eats her treats.  I think it is part of her “survivor instincts” with her being a “rescue dog”.  I can only imagine how hungry she got out there in the construction company yard where she ultimately was “saved from”.  


Here is an aerial of the construction yard with the numerous large trucks and tractors to “hide” under.  When I talked to them the day they caught her, after a few weeks of very wet, very stormy October weather, she just “jumped right up and into” workers pickup truck as he was ready to go home.  Thank goodness this worker was one who knew that the “lady at the library would find the dog a home”, and I am lucky that this same lady had picked me as the new owner.   Anyway, these construction men and women gave Skruffy her name…..I gave her the unique spelling of her name.  And if you know the story, “SHE” picked me just as much as I picked her.


So her new trick is this.  I lay out four pieces of her Beggin’ Strips out on the arm of the couch right next to the chair I sit at much of the day when I am on the computer (which is much of the day).  As you can see in the very first picture above, she will look at me, or look up (with her eyes on me) until I say, “OK!”, and she gets the first treat…backs off and eats it.  Now this is the part which those who know her won’t believe…that she actually “backs off” and “eats”, not her normal “one bite swallow and go after the next one” behavior.

2a    2b

Then she will patiently wait, most of the time, until I say, “OK!” again, and she gets the next one.  Now I have tried talking to Marcia during this time period and use the word “ok” in the conversation…, “Ok, what are we going to do today?”  She won’t move.  I have looked at Skruffy and said, “It’s ok baby girl.”, and she won’t budge.   “I have made a loud breath sound, and she will move her head until she realizes that I did not say, “OK!” and stops.   I have teased her a bit too much where I have to tell her a few times “OK!” before she will get the next one.

3a    3b

Here you can see that she is actually chewing her food, and when I said “OK!”, she got the next one.

4a    4b

Here you can see her normal, upright, watching me with her eagle eye awaiting my “OK!” before she leaps upon the final piece.

I was so proud of her, until this morning when she just couldn’t help herself… soon as I removed my hand putting the fourth one out she grabbed it and went right down the line until she had them all!   Well, I’d say her batting average is running around the low 800’s, which is way good enough to keep her on my team!


  1. Cute story! I guess some days we just don't want to wait and gobble all the treats at once:)

    1. Oh she "wants" to gobble them all at once all the time....but she also wants to "please dad", and most of the time that urge overcomes the urge to gobble. Now if Bubba was around, I think her other instinct will kick in, time will tell on that one.

  2. What a smart Scruffy you have! All 4 of our pups are rescue pups and only 2 of them gobble up their food really fast.

    1. Rescue dogs are the best...but they do come with baggage sometimes. I am lucky that Skruffy' baggage is very easy to deal with. Hope all is well with Joe, you all take care now.


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