Monday, August 11, 2014

Jumping Party


Saturday night a few blocks away they had a LOUD party.  Asked Arny why the police did not put an end to it…he said that many of the people in attendance were police, which explains much.  So we decided to have a “jumping party” of our own Sunday, and as you can see, little Parker jumps the highest, hands down…or is that “Paws down”?


Actually is was sister Patty’s birthday…we are now the same age for a few months. And before you all start feeling “bad” for my mom, once I popped out at 11 lbs, 11 ozs, there was no chance of her having any more natural children.  As the fourth child, the RH factor hit me real hard, which hit her real hard…especially when she had to leave the hospital without me.  Sandy was adopted when she was seven, and Patty, Sandy’s biological sister, was unofficially adopted as an adult.  Anyway, today was Patty’s day, and we had a wonderful dinner.  Above is her “non-birthday-cake”, which is a marshmallow, cool-whip, pimento cheese and fruit mixture.  Sandy and Patty went up to Reno Saturday to celebrate, and Sandy normally makes this dish.  Today, I made it, put it in this cake-sized dish, and spelled out “Happy B-Day” wish some fancier marshmallows.  It was a surprise which we all enjoyed…that dish is normally saved for special days like this, and Patty had no idea it was going to be on the menu.


Donna made her eggs, Arny barbecued some Tri-Tip and Corn on the Cobb, and for desert we had Ice Cream with fresh berries.  Patty brought her two dogs, and her daughter Ashley, who came late, brought her dog Leo, so poor Skruffy was totally outnumbered by the four other “leg lifters”…but she did not seem to mind, she can out bark them all.


Not much o a sunset tonight, never did get all red like a good sunset gets.  Oh well…the night was still young.


Because tonight was the Big Super Moon, officially called “lunar perigee”, it is the largest moon of the year.  Here in the Valle we still had haze when it first came up.


Sure makes a good picture.



  1. Hi Dave:
    Finally, I'm back, for today anyway. Sounds like you had a nice jumping party - did the humans participate? I hope not - at least your mom! I've always liked family parties - the people who know you best and remember those things like "non-birthday cake" show up; the stories and conversation take on a life of their own. Fun.
    I'm going to be in the area later this week; if I have a moment I'll check in. My length of travel from Redding will be dependent on finding care for two cats here while Lacy and I are gone.

    1. Hi MP. You have my phone number, if you are in the area, just give us a call, or send an email. We are taking our motorhome into the shop for that "maintenance" we tried to get before we left Florida after we bought it. Other than that, we have nothing on our schedule.

  2. I'm back is referring to back reading friends' posts!


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