Sunday, August 3, 2014

Hot, Drought, Fires, a General Update

Over the past ten days, seven have been over 100 degrees here in Citrus Heights, with the hottest day hitting 108.


Above flashes two pictures….Folsom Lake from 2011 and Folsom Lake from 2014.  Yes, it s very very low right now. Yes, the draught is behind some of this…but they are changing out the spillway, and they had to lower the water to do this, which makes the effects of the draught to be even harsher.


In Northern California, there are now 13 forest fires, many of them which have started this last week and most caused by lightening strikes.  We have seen the effects on our air quality from two previous fires which they put out within the last month, and this does not count the local brush fires which happen frequently around Sacramento….less frequently now since many of the open fields no longer exist since homes now fill these lots.


Yesterday my sister’s held a yard sale, as did the neighbor next door.  Amazing how much $$$$ a good yard sale can bring in…but better yet, how much junk you can unload on others. Their last yard sale was over two years ago, and for the past two years they have been saving boxes of stuff to sell.  On Wednesday I started helping Arny get items out of the shed, out of the garage, etc., etc.  Yesterday we all started before 5 am, and by 2:30 much of it was gone…including our couch from the RV. 

A week ago Friday we started to rebuild the fence which is close to our motorhome.  On Thursday my sister Patty came by with her dogs, and little Parker found a loose board and ended up in the neighbor’s yard.  Arny started to just screw in new screws to hold it…but found the supporting boards were too old to support screws.  So on Friday, and again on Monday, we took much of the fence apart, replaced the support two by fours, and about a third of the fence planks.  Follow that work up with getting stuff ready for the yard sale, with all this work being done in mostly 100+ degree weather…well, I guess you know how we have been feeling lately….
At least the ten day forecast calls for cooler weather….for a few days, and then back up to 100+ weather again.  It’s how it is in the Sacramento Valley….at least nighttime temps drop down into the 60’s, unlike back home were it is in the mid-70’s at 3 am with humidity in the 70% range too.

By-the-way, mom is doing great.  Her and dad came over for dinner Thursday night at Sandy and Arny’s house…..she walked over with her walker instead of riding her GoGo!  That surprised us all, and we were so happy for her.  She still has her hard times, normally brought on from not getting a good night’s sleep, but over all she is doing well.


  1. And the Midwest has had too much rain. I guess that's the way it goes. My friend had an idea to lay water pipes along the interstates to redistribute the water. Good idea but I think they should pipe water to California from the Columbia River. All that water just pours unused into the ocean. Where's the world's suggestion box?

    1. Yes, piping water could be a solution....put that together with desalination of sea water and I think that would help out California's water supply problem. I guess they are building the nation's largest desalination plant down in San Diego.

  2. Even with dry heat those are very warm temps! But at least it cools at night unlike FL as you stated. Be careful working in all that heat:) Good to hear your mother continues to made progress!

    1. I think we are done with most of the "out in the sun" work. Now we are going to focus on getting the motor home ready to leave after Labor Day.

  3. I'm so very happy for you, your mom and dad, and family. Things are going great, including your mom's healing. Praise God! :) Hopefully, temps will cool down...

    1. California will cool down when summer is over....what they need is RAIN, lots of it. Hope it comes soon for them.


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