Monday, August 4, 2014

Flying Coyote, a Nudist Colony, Garden and Complaint Dept.


Saw this “lime green” plane flying overhead today, this is the best picture that I got since I sat there looking at it for many minutes before thinking, “Hey idiot, why don’t you get your camera out….”.  Then it took a good hour or more to try and identify it, but I finally did….

This picture is from Wikipedia, and although the “rear end” looks a bit different, the insignia on the tail is pretty clear-cut.

1c   1e

The picture to the left is a blow up of my picture, the picture on the right is another picture that I got off the Internet.  The plane is a Rans S6 Coyote II, perhaps a S6-ES.  So had I not got my camera out, I would have missed out on getting a picture of a flying Coyote!


A little over a week ago I talked about the Naked Lady outside the door of our motorhome….now it has turned into a Nudist Colony!!!  


Mom told me that a few of the relatives who live outside of the area had asked about her front yard, and specifically the garden.  Well, this is the front yard…


And a closer image of it. The flower garden is along the stone wall, and you can clearly see that the Marigolds are doing well along the left side, and you can see a few of the other flower plants on the right side.  The ones on the right have a bit of a struggle when the temps climb to 100 or above, and I need to water them twice a day when it is that hot.


Ok, in my last post I complained about how HOT it has been….well, someone was listening because Sunday and Monday have been GREAT!  Sunday only got to 85 degrees, and much of the day it was under 80.  Today the high was only 80 degrees…. and tomorrows forecast is 85 again.  Also, there was some nice rain up in the foothills and in the Sierra’s, which will help with the dryness and the fires.  The worse fire in the state right now is 4 miles Southeast of Burney, just north of Lassen National Park.  It is larger than the city of San Francisco, and pretty much no containment, and they expect it to last for another few weeks before it is contained.  Other fires, however, benefited by the rain and cooler temps, and one reached 100% containment today.


  1. Glad to hear your heat is backing off but so sorry about the fires so close to Lassen. You win the blog titles award hands down!

    1. Thanks Sherry....Thanks for reminding me about youngest is on a "cross country" road trip and is going right through that area...told him that they needed to plan accordingly.


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