Friday, June 27, 2014

Tree Trim and Mom Headed Home Friday


For the past few days Arny has been busy trimming the huge tree in the backyard by our motorhome.  Each year it seem he has to cut it back to keep squirrels from getting up on the roof of the house, and to lighten the load of the tree’s major branches to keep one of them from crashing down like the neighbor had happen a few weeks ago.


I assisted him last year and this year by holding the trimmed limbs over the waste bin and he cuts them into tiny pieces.  Now mind you, he does 90% of the work, but I know he appreciates the little help I do because the chopping into tiny pieces is the least fun of this entire project.  So far he has filled up 1 1/2 of these bins.


No before shot, and this after shot did not turn out very good due to lighting conditions, but at least you can see that the squirrels, even when scared out of their little tails by the nasty squirrel hunting dogs, cannot get up on the roof of the house anymore.  


As of tomorrow this will be the normal scene over at mom and dad’s house again.  Mom is coming home tomorrow.  She is walking, with a walker, over 250 feet at a time, gets up from bed by herself, and is going to have home therapy for a month or so until she has reached her peak performance.  Her hip pain is pretty much gone, and today she even said that her shoulder pain had gotten better too.  Being at home will be more relaxing, and we are not going to let her just “sit in that chair” all the time either.  She is “SO READY” to be home….we all are too.


  1. I praise God your mom is feeling improved enough to be at home! :)

  2. Yeah....hip, hip hooray! That is great news Dave!

  3. Going to email a newsy message. For now, I'm so happy about your mom's progress and hope all goes well when she gets home where I'm sure she'll be more content with her family and familiar things around her. Yes, encourage her to be as active as is comfortable - it pays off in the future.
    Check your email in an hour or so. Hugs to you both.


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