Sunday, June 29, 2014

There’s No Place Like Home


The only thing in common Dorothy (of Wizard of Oz) and Dorothy (better known as “mom”) have in common is that both of them know that “There’s No Place Like Home”.  After getting mom breakfast, and later lunch, I returned a few hours later to find this scene.  Yep, there is no place like home.


Even the yapping of both dogs in their backyard, letting the neighboring dogs know they were visiting Grandma, did not seem to wake either of them.

2a   2b
2c    2d

After her nap I told mom it was time to get up and go outside for a short walk….just can’t sit around sleeping all day now can we?  She loves her garden…after living in a Independent Living situation as they did back in the Kansas City area, and then in an Apartment here in Citrus Heights for nearly two years, it is nice to have flowers and plants and a place outside she can call her own.


Marcia got mom the three swans, which in time will have plants in them, as a welcome home present.  They fit so nicely right behind the bench, and will look super once we get plants in them.  

4a    4b
4c    4d

The nearly 150 plants that I added to her garden have really helped to fill in the front area. She is so happy, and can’t wait until she can walk better so that she could get a better look at them all.  The Marigolds are starting to fill in real nice, and from I can tell, I have only lost one so far, and it might spring back in the next week if I am lucky.


Sister Sandy stayed the night over there Friday, but it went so well, they said they would be fine tonight alone.  After all, we are only a phone call away, and can be over there in a minute or so if an emergency situation developed.  Hard to believe that an 84 year old could have such major surgery and be home so quickly… pain, getting stronger each day, and with the physical therapy and home nursing monitoring her situation starting on Monday, things are only going to get better and better.


  1. Praise God your mom is home... and is not suffering with great pain! May God bless you both, your sister, your dad and indeed everyone who assists your mom in her recovery...

  2. What a blessing! I am so glad to hear your mom is home and happy!
    The garden is lovely.....good job Dave!

  3. Good job with the flowers. They look great! I'm sure your mother appreciates it. And I bet she's so happy to be home.

  4. Thanks for all the comments and well wishes for mom. I never thought, before her surgery, that she would make it home for 4th of July, let alone before the end of June. She has been off all pain pills for 3 full days and she is pain free. So far things are going great.

  5. Good for your mom! You must be so proud of her, to have gone through that kind of surgery and now doing so well. And lucky you to have such good genes in your gene pool! Continued speedy recovery to Mom. And the flowers and yard in this post and the last are so nice. I'd love a garden like that again. Maybe when I'm 84... :)


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