Thursday, September 27, 2012

Visit with Relatives, NW Arkansas

Yesterday we drove back up to Fayetteville amongst all the "Bikers" to have dinner with two of my children, Stephanie and Ryan.  We met them at the Bleu Monkey Grill in Springdale where we had a nice meal and nice visit.  We will see them again in about 10 days in Pine Bluff, and my oldest son Michael will be flying in too.  Since there was a big storm moving in from Oklahoma, we took the dogs with us too, and they did just fine out in the car for the few hours we were in the Restaurant eating and visiting.

Today I went over to the town of Van Buren to try and find some more Ezekiel Bread, but the one place that was suppose to be carrying it was no longer in business.  I did find a nice car wash and gave the car a good going over.  Later we drove over to Fort Smith where Marcia had relatives.  Sophie is a cousin of her late husband, and I had met her a few times, once in Fort Smith and also in Florida.  She is in her late '80s, and gets around real well, and we enjoyed the visit.  Later we drove over to the Casbah Mediterranean Grill where we met Sophie's son Jim and his wife Pat for dinner.  We enjoyed this dinner as well, and a great visit.  Today the dogs stayed back at the motor home...and although it rained, it was not a major storm.  

Tomorrow we are headed to Petit Jean State Park, where we will stay for two nights before heading on to Pine Bluff.  Will try and get a few pictures, if the weather cooperates that is....

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