Saturday, September 15, 2012

Near Madison Wisconsin

So we are through Minnesota, and nearly through Wisconsin....within a few hours of the Chicago Area.   We are at a RV Resort for two nights...after staying in rest areas for two nights, we thought staying in a RV park for a night or two would give us a chance to sleep at night, do laundry, and get ready to move on to the Chicago Area on Monday.

As we crossed from Minnesota to Wisconsin, we passed over the Mississippi River, near La Crosse, Wisconsin.  This is a very pretty area, lush green trees, and I am sure in another few weeks the fall colors will look real good.
In these two photos (above and below) you can see the water along the Mississippi River, Black River and Lake Onalaska. 

As we traveled further into Wisconsin, we saw many a farms, much like we saw in Minnesota, as shown in these two pictures (above and below).

 I was surprised at how many small hills and with the number of trees in this part of Wisconsin.  My only exposure to Wisconsin has been to the south-west part of the state, where there is a bunch of dairy farms, corn fields and hay fields. 
Although there are farms and fields here, there is also the hills and the trees, as shown in these two photos (two above and one below).
And then we came to an area where there was some exposed rocks, like in the photo below.
We took our time as we traveled, eventually came to a rest area at exit 113 along I-90.  This was not as quiet as last night's rest area, but it was still a good place to stay.
The worst part of Wisconsin for us has been the lack of 3G coverage with AT&T.  Even with four or five bars, the lack of 3G makes the Internet connection SLOW as SNOT.  

Saturday we traveled on to the RV park.  We are staying at
Hidden Valley R.V.Resort and Campground, south of Madison.  It is a little crazy because they close up by the end of October, and for the last 4 or 5 weekends, they celebrate Halloween, with trick or treating for adults, a costume party, games and movies for the kids and dance for the adults.  I just hope we are far enough away from the pool area where most of this junk is taking place.  

One other reason we decided to stay here is that we plan to attend church in Madison tomorrow.  We only hope the images of devils, hookers, and monsters, all masquerading as adults having fun, will not inhibit us from our worship tomorrow.

 Above the dog are enjoying the squirrels, but lots of grass.  Below, that is our motor home in the middle with our HHR in front of it.
 They pack in the RVs, and they put the title "Resort" in their name so that they can charge a good $10-$15 more than other parks.

 So I told Marcia that next time we call a RV park in the middle of September, we need to include the question, "Are you having any Halloween Activities at the park this weekend?"

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