Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Adrian, Minnesota

We left the Badlands on Monday, took our time, and stayed in a rest area near the 300 mile marker along I-90 for the night.  
And these two pictures show what most of South Dakota looks like along I-90.  We saw many a watering hole nearly dried up, but the closer we got to Sioux Falls the greener the prairie grass and the crop lands looked...well, a little greener.
The rest area we stayed at was your typical rest area... trucks making noises all night, and frankly is was a bit hotter than we have been use to at night.  Badlands was suppose to be 100 degrees that day, and where we stayed I think it got to around 95.  Night-time temps were probably in the low 70's, perhaps as low as 68.  We could not open windows, and did not want the generator on all night, so it was just a little stuffy.

We left the rest area around 8 am, which was our 7 am, but since we are back on Central Time, we lost an hour.  It was just under 100 miles to Sioux Falls, where we needed to refuel the motor home and the HHR.  I sure like Flying J's when they have the RV islands so I did not have to fight with trucks or cars.

We got back onto I-90, and about 40 minutes later we were in Adrian, Minnesota.  Adrian is a town of around 1,200 people, with a median household income of around $36,000.  The town essentially was settled in 1876 with the railroad and the Catholic Church both setting up shop in the town...as they did in other towns in Minnesota.  The City was named after Mrs Adrian Iselin, mother of Adrian C. Iselin, one of the directors of the Sioux City and St. Paul Railroad Company. 

Within 25 years, Adrian had a population of around 1,200 people....and then it just stopped growing.  What we have seen is that it is a nice little town, and the park which the RV park is located has a nice swimming pool, baseball fields, and is a nice little park overall.

The RV park is around two circles, with a smaller circle inside a larger circle.  Each of these circle roads have camp sites to both the left and right....with site that are situated between the two roads touching the campsite behind it, which is along the other road.  This allows for one electrical stand for four campsites, four cable connectors, and four water connectors.  There is sewer at some of the sites, and cable does cost $2 per day more, and it may not be at every site either.  There also seems to be some tent camping in some of the areas.

 Above is a look to the right (passenger side) of us...closest person is two spots over.  Below is a view to our front, or the middle of the circle.  No on over there....that looks good.

 Above is to our left...you can see our HHR there.  Next RV is two spots over from us, and you can see a number of RVs along the road beyond us.  Below is behind us, there is one motor home behind and to our left, otherwise it is all empty.  Not a bad place for $25 per night.

 And above you can see that the dogs really enjoy having grass...not a lot of grass....not thick grass, but it is grass, so they will be happy campers.  Below is our spot, it is in the sun, but with 50 amp, our AC's will keep us cool for today and tomorrow before we move on.

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