Friday, July 14, 2017

Bear River Casino, Loleta, CA

Had a good night sleep in Red Bluff, despite the heat. Turned off the A/C at 11:30 and climbed into bed…did not even hear Marcia when she came to bed just a little later.  Left at 9:00 am, but ran into a minor problem…for some reason the TV antenna did not go down in the proper position, and rattled something fierce as we started to depart the park.  Took me a bit to realize what it was, then when I tried to raise it so that I could position it right, the handle pops off and the handle, positioner and spring land on top of the slide out, which was, of course, “in” for travel.  Then, as I tried to crank the antenna up, I break the handle.  (This is like the fifth or sixth time I have broken a cheap plastic handle since 1986 when I first started living in a 5th wheel!)  Anyway, by 10 am we were rolling out of Red Bluff.

Map Red Bluff to Fortuna

I had decided to give California highway 36 a shot…not pulling the HHR, it seemed like it would be a nice scenic route.  Scenic it was…nice for 90% of it, but it was very hard near the Humboldt/Trinity County line…at times it was barely better than a one lane road.  But that only lasted about five or six miles…and there were three or four sections which had road work being done, with about 5 minute wait at one area until the escort truck arrived and took us along the road for about three miles.

We were going to stay at the Swimmers Campground at the Van Duzen County Park, along the Van Duzen river…but there was no Internet, so we drove on.  My back up plan was where we are, the Bear River Casino just outside of Fortuna in Loleta.  I had to get a player’s card in order to register…but there is no cost to stay up to three nights..and they put $10 on the player's card to entice you to gamble.  We were the first RV to arrive, at 3:30 pm, but now there are about ten RVs in the parking lot.  We can come and go as we wish, and tomorrow we will probably drive over to the ocean, about ten miles away, and find a place to stop and enjoy…after the morning fog burns off.  By the way…when we arrived at the Safeway in Fortuna it was a blistering 72 degrees.  Winking smile


  1. COOOOOL!!! Can big rigs fit in the Casino?

    1. Yes! They allow larger ones to park perpendicular to parking just can't hang out into driving areas...they made a guy unhook his toad when he tried parking in direction of parking places even though he was in back of the lot. We are taking up four spots ourselves since we put our slides out. And as I is free, although we had dinner last night and it surely wasn't free. Quiet place last night...


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