Monday, May 22, 2017

Wonder if we can just camp at Discount Tires?

Discount Tire (again)

Yes, here we are, back at a Discount Tire store.  As we fired up the motorhome to leave this morning, the driver inner tire read low.  Yep, we should have had the new valve put in at the Discount Tire back in Michigan…but I was in a hurry.  Could have spent 15 more minutes there instead of nearly 2 hours today, but it is what it is.  We have been to too many of these nice places lately…but I think we have her fixed now.

Low Tire Reading
Here you can see our tire sensor.  Driver inner side reading 56 psi…should be 80.  The 116F above the 56 is how hot the tire is.  And yes, sitting in the parking lot of Discount Tire, with the engine running for A/C purposes with outside temps in the low 100’s will do that to a tire.  I told “Cash”, the guy who first started our repair, that I did not see how he handled the temps working outside in Phoenix.  He said, “I have been asking myself that for the past three years…”  Well, he was lucky…it was his lunch time, and another young man took over just as he was about to take the lug nuts off.  I did not get this young man’s name, but he is working his FOURTH summer, and attends Penn State University.  “Wanted to get away from the heat,” he said.   Well, I did not want to call him an idiot, but in the WINTER it is not cold in Phoenix, yet is FREEZING in State College during the winter.  Well, I think he has one more year left…and after a 90 minute wait to get working on it, he had us on the road within the 2 hour mark.  So instead of heading up I-17 in the cooler mid-morning…we headed up right at the heat of the day…103 degrees according to our onboard thermometer.  But we made it without any issues up to the 6,000+ elevation mark.New Tire Valve   Still feel sorry for them tire guys having to sit on the hot asphalt to get the tires off…but the RV won’t fit in their bays, so all the work to get tires off and on has to be done outside.  Luckily, we were able to keep the engine going so Marcia did not have to get out and could sit in the comfort of the cool front seat.  That is, until Skruffy took it over and she decided to sit in the recliner and take a short hot nap.

Kaibab Lake National Forest Campground      Kaibab Lake National Forest Campground
Kaibab Lake National Forest Campground

By 5 pm we were sitting in our spot at Kaibab Lake National Forest Campground outside of Williams.  It is $12 per night with the NP Senior Pass, no hookups, but so very, very quiet.  Temps have been in mid to low 70’s from our arrival, and are probably close to mid-60’s  as we near 8 pm, and time to feed the dogs.

Kaibab Lake National Forest Campground

Not a neighbor within sight nor hearing distance.  Had a few people walk by, a few cars drive by…oh, it is going to be a nice, cool (cold maybe) night.  Tomorrow…the Grand Canyon.

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