Wednesday, December 9, 2015

For my Sis…

Arkansas River

Sister Sandy, saw this picture and just had to take it, just for you. 

Do you see why yet????

Arkansas River

How about now???? 

Do you see it yet????

Arkansas River Turtles

Now you see it…actually them.  Took the doggies out for a walk this afternoon and ran back in to get the camera when I saw these SEVEN turtles sunning on this log.  (Of course, you can almost count the reflection as Turtles too, which would make it fourteen.)

Arkansas River Turtles     Arkansas River Turtles
Arkansas River not a Turtle

Here are the seven, three in the first shot (upper left), four in the next shot (upper right), and that little thing on the long log in the middle did not turn out to be a baby turtle, just part of the log.


As I was getting a picture of the turtles, I hear a pounding from above…and after awhile this little guy settled down for some banging and pounding in a position that I could finally get a picture of him.


Reminded me of when I lived in the the 5th wheel in Pine Bluff before I retired…use to see these little guys all day long, especially in the winter when the leaves where off the trees.  Gotta love them woodpeckers!

Olive Garden

Speaking of Pine Bluff, every year we come to Little Rock we make it a point to see Mike and Jana, and this time we had dinner at Olive Garden.  Jana worked for me at the Library, and was one of the best staff members I ever hired.  Marcia and I were able to attend their wedding back in 2011, and we just really enjoy seeing them.  We were in Olive Garden for about three hours, and could have stayed for many more hours had we not needed to get back to the doggies, and they back to their doggies down by Pine Bluff.

Young Blue Jay

Saw this good looking guy too….he was really singing away.   Tomorrow is my appointment with the doctor, and we head out of town for Florida as soon as we can after the appointment.  As for our colds, we are much better, but this cold seems to linger on, and mornings are the worse after laying down through the night. We plan to make Vicksburg tomorrow night, near Tallahassee on Friday night, and home by early afternoon on Saturday.


  1. I just love the woodpeckers, but alas, live in an area where there are none!! The turtles are awesome!!!

    1. You need to put out a nut log for the woodpeckers! (and then try and keep the squirrels off of it).

  2. Nice! Love the turtles.....and that beautiful setting!

    1. If you two are ever in the area, and Joe needs medical attention, UAMS would be a great place, and this park (Maumelle COE) has reserved places for UAMS...keep that in the back of your mind.


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