Sunday, July 7, 2024

Our 2004 Thor Sequence Camper Van - Part One


Ok, time to share some pictures of our new Camper Van.  Nearly ready to take it for our first outing, and by the end of the month, we should be on our way to California.  



As you can see, the passenger's chair is facing the wrong way...both chairs can rotate like this to make it more of a living area when parked for a long time at an RV Park, Cracker Barrel Parking Lot, or at my Sister's House where we will located for a few months later this summer.  Note that the front windshield and the side windows have covers over them.  The door covers have magnets that hold them in place, and thanks to Nancy Kissack who also recently bought a Camper Van, she said they hold better if you open the door, put them up, and then shut the door.

Here is a view of the Driver's Dash Board, looking through the Steering Wheel with the engine off, so it is blank.

To start the vehicle, you need to have the Key Fob (handheld remote control device that controls a remote keyless entry system) nearby (like in your pocket), step on the break and push the button.  When you are ready to turn it off, just put in park and push the button.  If you leave the car running while in park, and you exit the vehicle, it will let you know that the Key Fob had left the vehicle and that it returned...just in case you set it down somewhere outside of your sure don't want to take off without your Fob.

On the left side of the steering wheel is the emergency start (in case your battery is low, you can use the house batteries to help start it), a switch to turn on and off the parking break, and a couple of things not shown that I have not figured out what they do yet.

This picture did not turn out well, but it shows the default dash.  The middle is the speed, the left is the tachometer, and the right is the gas gauge...and smaller areas show the time, odometer, trip odometer, lane management (are you too far left or right in your lane, is someone coming up on your side, etc).  Speaking of lane management, the outside mirrors will light up a triangle as someone comes up on your left or right to pass you.

There are like eight or more different screens, above are two of them. The top shows the tire pressure, the bottom is the lane management.  The ZERO at top is your speed.  Other screens not shown include GPS (even though there is a GPS between the driver and passenger which I discuss here in a bit), Trip Totals including Gas Mileage for the trip, Battery Management, Oil Level and Temps, Tire Pressure, just to name a few.  

Also, on the steering wheel there is cruise control, hands free phone to answer or close a call, stuff like that.



Between the Driver and the Passenger is the Entertainment / Comfort Center.  The blank screen is the heart of the Center, which includes a GPS, Radio (AM, FM, Sirus, Thumb Drive, Bluetooth connection to personal devices, etc.), Hands Free Cell Phone Access, controls for AC/Heat (not the house controls) and other stuff.

This is the home screen, showing the GPS and the Radio (or other media device you have going).  The menu choice at the bottom of the screen allow full access to the Media Center, AC/Heat controls, GPS, Cell Phone, Vehicle and Apps.  If you want you can pair your cell phone to the center and offer a hotspot access to others...much like our Air Card already does.

Screen above shows access to the media center.

Here is the comfort screen for AC/Heat.

And here is the GPS, which I am still learning.  You can see the little house, which is our Condo...we really are that close to it, thankfully.

This is a cordless charging station for Cell Phones and Personal Devices like an I-Pad.  Our flip phones do not charge on this, I think my Android Pad will, have not tried it yet.  The drink holder is way down almost on the ground...a 1 liter bottle will fit in the holder and under the cell charger.  I am sure a large diet coke drink will work too!  👍

I'm not sure how many miles I have driven it so far, perhaps 40-50.  It drives so nice, has a lot of power to get you up to speed, and it is so smooth, even over roads we know are pretty bumpy.  Have not had it above 60 mph yet, but I don't see any difference between 40 and 60, so it is not a concern to me.

In my next blog I will show the Living Area, Bathroom, Storage, etc., along with some pictures of the outside which I hope to take tomorrow when I visit Crystal Beach with Indy after dropping Marcia off at her Bible Study group.


  1. Big sigh ..... I suppose mine does most of that, but boy do I hate trying to figure it all out. I have not turned on the lane assist gizzy, but suppose I should give it a try. I think your's has much more STUFF to learn ... or maybe I just haven't found that part yet. Pretty sure I do not have phone charging. Guess I should find the book. I agree ... smooth ride!!!

    1. The lane assist is not as bad as I thought it was going to be. Kinda nice to know someone is coming up along side of you on the left and especially the right side of the vehicle. There was a vehicle parked along the highway to my right and it started beeping at me, then I realized it was letting me know of a potential just happened to be a truck dropping off cars to a Ford Dealership.

  2. Holy moly. I would be so frustrated learning all that. I know that I would, but in the meantime.......

    1. Just wait until you see the next post where I talk about the electronics dealing with interior lighting, water pump, generator, AC, Heat, black and grey oh my

  3. I'm having a hard enough time just to run my Cell Phone.
    The more you use it the more you'll appreciate it.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Compared to driving our last motorhome, this is like driving a luxury car compared to a VW! You just need to have a lot more education though...

  4. With electronics like that, you'll never need to upgrade that flip phone!


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