Friday, August 4, 2023

Sunsets, Landscapes & Things - Cromberg, Ca


A couple of days ago I was taking Indy out for her final potty break and I am "Blinded by the Light,  Revved up like a Deuce..."  (Deuce like a Little Deuce Coupe, a 2-seater Hot have either heard the song and get it, or you don't...)   A SUNSET!  Never thought about getting a sunset among all these trees...but there it is right out the door!

I know there is a large meadow on the other side of the park, so I hurry over there..

Just as the sun says goodnight...

Fast forward to today and I am ready to capture the sunset outside of the park.  Above is another picture of the sun as it is 30+ minutes from setting.

I had scouted out a place and found a bridge about 2 miles away that crosses the Feather River.  So I head over there, and get this picture to the west a few minutes before it sets over the is blocked by the trees to make the picture.

To the east is this view above.  Below are some more pictures as the sun goes over the mountain...

The last picture is to the east.  There is no sign of the typical yellow-orange coloring, which may or may not have happened as I wanted to get a few more pictures of the area, some of which are shown below...some were taken when I first went out to explore the river bridge a few days ago.

A couple of the surrounding mountains, pictures taken a few days ago.


The Feather River Rail Route, looking west above, and looking east below.  It is currently owned by the Union Pacific Railroad and is used primarily by freight trains, although the California Zephyr use run this route on its way to Chicago.

Sloat Towne Hall, built in 1935, is the only public building remaining the town of Sloat which at one time had a population of 2,000.   Below looks like a Mule, something one does not see very often.

Not all of California is owned by the Democratic Party.   Above is one of the more flashy Trump support signs.

On my way back to the Park I got a few pictures with the last of the sunlight lighting up the hills.  Normally the meadow would have deer in it, but this year the deer are scarce.  The extreme snowfall either moved them to lower elevations, or they did not survive.  Mark, the owner of the RV Park, said they had about 180" of snow this year...he said a typical year is around 60-80".


  1. I just love it up there. Everywhere you look is picture worthy!! That was quite the snow load this last year. I hope it keeps up ... we could use the water.

    1. Yes it is...not as 'picture worthy' as Shasta, Lassen, Tahoe, Yosemite...but it is still very very nice.

  2. Oh, I know which song you speak of! That is an awesome sunset picture. The deer had a hard winter in much of the west. There are reports of an 80% die-off in some areas.

    1. Yes, but do you know what most of us thought the second line was saying? {snicker snicker} It was a long time before I realized they were talking about a Little Deuce Coupe.


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