Thursday, May 28, 2020

ME in a SUIT? HAHAhaha....oh CRAP!

Ryan and Kaelyn
One thing that has us staying in Florida right now is my youngest son Ryan's wedding to the lovely Kaelyn (Pictured above from their wedding website).  Originally scheduled for mid-May, it is now scheduled for late July, in Cleveland Ohio.  Unlike my oldest son's casual marriage to the lovely Anna a few years ago in Northern California's Redwoods, Ryan and Kaelyn are having a very formal wedding.  Formal means I need to wear a Suit or a Tux.  Well, I decided on a Suit.  Could have rented a Suit, perhaps...but with the uncertainty of future COVID issues, and Governors/Mayors shutting down businesses without warnings, I decided to just buy a suit.  I have not owned a suit for probably 30 years (or more), and it has been that long since I wore one (although I have worn slacks with a sport jacket up until ten years ago or so)/

HOW do you do that when all the stores are shut down???  So I kept putting it off until I saw no other way than to order one online.  I searched many places, and I found that JCPenney had a nice collection of large suits (let's face it, I am not a little guy), and each and every time I kept looking at it, the prices seemed to drop more.  

Shaquille ONeal Suit from JCPenney

So what would have cost me $535 plus tax (about another $35), I ended up paying $224 plus $16 in tax.  Now THAT is a pretty good deal!  AND, free shipping.  Now, had I rented a suit, it would have cost at least $100...and I would have had to find a way to get it back to Florida (if I rented it here) or we would have had to travel up to Ohio much earlier to rent one there.  Now I am the proud (cough cough) owner of a three-piece suit.  And IT FITS!

UPS Delivery of Suit

I ordered the suit last Friday.  It was delivered sweet is that?

And it is so nice to follow the path of the UPS shipment.  

NOT that I get obsessed with this stuff...but I do find it interesting.  This shipment seemed to take a pretty straight and forward pathway.  However, I have seen some UPS and FEDEX pathways that just don't make much sense to me.  One I saw took a shipment from Houston up to St. Louis and then down to Jacksonville and on to Tampa and finally to Holiday.  By the length of the time it took to go from Houston to St. Louis, it traveled by Truck. 

Shaq is one of his suits

The suit I got is black, and I know I won't look as good as Shaq looks in it, but I will feel comfortable (as comfortable as I can) wearing this suit.  Wearing a suit has not been something I have been looking forward I can see it won't be as uncomfortable as I thought.  Now we have a month to get ready to leave.  Next blog...our trip plans.


  1. Sharp looking suit. Good pick.

    Don't forget if traveling from Florida to Ohio on I-65 thru Alabama we have a full hook up site here. Easy to get to. Less than 8 miles off exit 308. We just had a couple on Sunday night traveling Florida to Indiana. We love company. Welcome anytime.

    1. YES, I remember, but it looks like we will be going up further east than I-65. One of these days however....

  2. Replies
    1. Yea, I doubt that will happen...perhaps a picture from the wedding.

  3. Congrats! And it fits!! The best words EVER. Clothing I order over the internet never fits and always has to be returned. Good for you for dressing up for the wedding!!! I too have followed the "trail" of deliveries. Sadly the FedEx guy actually put an open, empty bag on my porch. I tried to run after him, but he escaped. Not the first time .......

    1. Well, I BEGGED Ryan to let me wear short pants and sandals...but to no avail. Now our fingers are crossed that the wedding can actually take place in July...


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