Saturday, November 16, 2019

Has it really been 6 weeks since my last post?

Time flies when you're having fun...and also when you're not...

Dad got out of rehab October 17th.  It was rough the first week or two, but he got stronger each and every day.  The independent living facility they are now in is wonderful.  They have helped so much AND there has been a true concern for their welfare.  So glad they moved into this place...

Mom and Dad

While at dad's urologist a few weeks ago we learned about a procedure he can have called suprapubic cystostomy or having a suprapubic catheter put in so he would not need to self-cath twice a day.  This procedure should cut down on his UTIs.  Since he has been home they have prescribed antibiodics twice already, mostly as a preventative treatment.   We hope this 15-30 minute procedure can be done in early could have been done earlier except they want to do it in a hospital setting due to his age and his Atrial Fibrillation.

In the meantime...I have been getting a few things done.  First, the car needed front brakes.  Back in 2016 I had them done at a national place here in Sacramento...that didn't last long.  So for $160 I got 2 rotors and 2 sets of brake pads from NAPA Auto Parts, and all went well with doing the brakes (it had been years since I had done a brake job) until I needed to put the caliper, holding the new brake pads, back over the rotor.  Arny did that part, and one of those was even a struggle for him to do.

HHR Rotor and Brake Pads

Next, I replaced all four speakers, one in each door, and put in new window switches which were a bit difficult only because they were minutely larger than the ones I was replacing.  But Arny was able to grind down the areas that needed attention and all was well.

Window Switches and Speakers
The fan over the bed has not worked for a few years...yes the vent would open, but the fan did not work due to a rain sensor.  I found a replacement kit for $50 that would get rid of all the circuit boards which are known to fail, and still provide a temperature sensor so it can automatically come on or off depending on the temperature.  I also needed a new up/down switch for the bathroom.  Ordered all of this from Dyer's - RV and Trailer Parts and Accessories, which got them to me overnight even though I didn't need them that fast.  No problem doing that work.

Fan Upgrade and Bathroom Fan Switch

A few days ago I realized that the fridge needed defrosting, and that simple job turned out much harder when I discovered the drain line had busted allowing water to come onto the floor.  $5+ and now there is a new line, thanks again to Arny's smaller arms being able to reach the nipple coming out of the fridge.  

There are a few more things I want to do to the motorhome before we leave in mid-December.  The big thing on our agenda is the annual Burdick Christmas Gathering on December 14th.


  1. Handy men ..... I love it. It's broken? You and Arnie fix it. I have the same problem with my fridge, although no water is coming out on the floor. One of many things on my list.
    Looking forward to Christmas gathering pictures ... and puppy pics too!!

    1. I am a handyman, Arny is a HANDYMAN...seems he can fix just about anything, and he does it right, not just a 'rigging' type job. Yes, I will get my camera moving again too...

  2. Glad everything is going okay. I've been wondering what you two were up to!

    1. Since we got back from Oregon I have been so busy with dad (and mom) that blogging just fell away... I did see that you two were moving right along these past few months.

    2. Yes, a little too much traveling for us. Back to Pittsburgh for annual appointments, then west to Nevada for HOWA stuff and now we're on our way to Davis CA for Thanksgiving at our nephews.


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