Saturday, September 28, 2019

Dad Out of Hospital, Into Rehab

Dad Hospital on Monday
Above is Dad on Monday having lunch....

Here is dad today (Friday) eating lunch...what a change!  

So, what was his problem?  After I posted what I posted last Friday, I learned that he had Sepsis R/T UTI. In layman's terms, Sepsis is a serious problem where an infection has gone seriously out of whack. The "R/T" means "related to", and I think we all know what a UTI is.  By Sunday the nurse told me that he was no longer considered Septic, that they hit the infection with the proper antibiotic, and his kidney levels were back near normal.  By Tuesday the doctor said that the UTI was totally under control and that Friday would be the last of the antibiotic (all given through intravenously).  However, dad was still suffering from lack of strength, and he was showing signs of delirium.  Delirium is when one has confused thinking and reduced awareness of the environment.  For instance, on Wednesday dad tosses off his covers and announces, "I need to get up."  I wondered if he meant that he needed to use the toilet, but he said "No, I just need to get out of bed."  Then he asks, "Where am I?"  I told him the hospital, and since he was so lucid at that moment, I told him all that I could think of about his condition.  He goes, "Oh, ya...I remember now."  The nurse comes in shortly after and I tell her, and dad looks at her and says, "It is like I awoke from a amnesia dream..."

Now in the above picture, we "WISH" he was always that happy and full of energy as the picture portrays.  But he still falls asleep fairly quickly, and he talks in his sleep way more than normal.  He still has his moments of confusion.  It hurts his back every time he has to get up, roll over on his side, even just moving the head of the bed up or down.  The last two days his appetite has returned (as much as a 91 year old has an appetite), and today the doctor decided it was time to send him off to skilled nursing for rehab therapy.  

Dad Rehab on Friday night

At 5 pm, he was moved back to the same rehab facility that he was in back at the end of May and through mid-June.  The above picture was taken around 6:30.  The move tired him out, and in rehab you don't have a room to yourself, but the guy he shares his room with seems to be very alert and quiet.  We hope that he will regain his strength so that he can return to the Assisted Living facility where they live...time will tell. 


  1. Whew ... glad that hurdle is over. I'm sending wishes for a speedy recovery so he can get back home!!

    1. Thanks Nancy. Tonight is his 4th night in Rehab, and so far he is doing better this time than he did back in late May. Hoping that he 'might' get out before the 20 day Medicare limit this time.

  2. Will say some prayers for your Dad. Question for you. Is Open Live Writer working for you. I've tried several fixes and nothing is working, If you have any insight I would really appreciate by a comment on most recent blog post. Thanks

    1. Joe: The ONLY way I can get Open Live Writer to work is to post the pictures directly to a Google Photo Album, This click on the photo and then once the photo comes up, right click and choose "view image" (I use Firefox, but most browsers offer this feature). Now that I have the full image in view, I right click again and pick "Copy Image". Then I past that image into Open Live Writer. Yes, it is a pain to do this...but at least it works, and looks better than using the standard Blogger editor.

      Thanks for the thoughts on dad...


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