Friday, September 20, 2019

Back in the Hospital Again...

Dad in hospital

Yep, third time in 5 months dad has found himself in the hospital.  Yesterday another UTI hit hard.  Got him to the very crowded ER, and as soon as he could get to a bed (3-4 hours after we arrived), they had him on a antibiotic via an IV.  This pic is from this morning...doing much better.

Although it took awhile to get into a bed, they had already taken a chest x-ray, blood, EKG before he got a bed, and urine sample immediately after he got into bed AND the IV and antibiotic started simultaneously.  Results came back quick and it was a bad UTI.  

Today the white blood cells are nearly back to normal, and kidneys functioning better, and he is starting to get back to his 91 year-old normal condition.  Hope he will be out tomorrow, but it might be Monday...


  1. Best wishes for a fast recovery for your dad!

  2. Oh my ... saying a little prayer that he heals quickly. That's not fun at all.

  3. At 91 he sure looks good in that picture. Glad they got the issue resolved quickly.

    1. Thank you Phyllis, and what I learned today was that everything is getting better...home on Monday most likely.


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