Saturday, April 27, 2019

There Be A ‘Doctor’ in the Family

At Blue Springs Lake Campground, Lee’s Summit, MO

Ryan's Graduation - from Left to Right - Stephanie, Kaelyn, Ryan, Anna and Michael

There he is, my youngest son Ryan flanked by his wife-to-be Kaelyn (left), his sister-in law Anna (right) his brother and my oldest child Michael (far right) and his older sister Stephanie (far left).  LOOK at that smile…after graduating from the University of Arkansas back in May 2013, he has now completed his Doctorate in Chiropractic Studies at Cleveland University-Kansas City, and is now officially Dr. Ryan Burdick.  LOOK at that smile!  (yes, I know I already said that…but it is a true, full smile of accomplishment and relief).

Click Here for a YouTube playlist of his graduation, starting with him entering, then getting his hood, then getting his diploma, then the class taking the Chiropractic Oath, and then him leaving.  It takes about 3 minutes, and once you click it should just play all five in the proper order.  As for the graduation, it was around 40 minutes long, started on time, and was perfect…no politics, no “on and on” feeling…everyone did a good job, short, sweet, simple and perfect!

Ryan's Graduation - mother Shelley talking with Kaelyn

Proud mother Shelley talking with future daughter-in-law Kaelyn, with Stephanie and Michael in the background, awaiting the start of the program.

Ryan's Graduation - with sister Stephanie, mother Shelley and brother Michael

After the ceremony, it was time for pictures.  Pictured above is proud mother, Shelley, with our three kids.  As a school teacher, I give her all the credit for the education of our children.  Yes, I was a Librarian, more specifically Library Director, but SHE was the one who got them to do their homework, and she attended the Teacher-Parent meetings (I think I went to one or two).  Ryan is the first of my parents and I think Shelley’s parents children or grandchildren to get a Doctorate Degree.

Ryan's Graduation - with wife and future Chiropractor Kaelyn

Ryan’s lovely wife to be (May 2020), Kaelyn, will graduate in August with her degree…she will also be a Chiropractor.  TWO doctors in the family!  Currently, she is doing an internship in Washington DC at Walter Reed Hospital.

Ryan's Graduation - with sister Stephanie and brother Michael

There are my three kids…so proud of each of them.

Ryan's Graduation - Proud Daddy Dave next to his son

This was certainly Ryan’s day…we all went to lunch together at Q39 BBQ Restaurant in Overland Park, enjoyed the graduation a few hours later, and then had dinner at an Italian Bistro in Kansas City.  This morning Michael and Anna flew on to New York City where she is in a wedding on Sunday in Central Park.  Stephanie and her mother fly their separate ways on Sunday, and on Monday Ryan heads out to move some of his stuff into storage at Kaelyn’s parents place, and then move on to the DC area until his Fellowship at Yale starts in August.  So Friday was the day for all of us to get together…and we ENJOYED it all.  On Thursday the President of the University has a dinner for the grads…Ryan, Kaelyn, Stephanie and Shelley attended (each grad can invite three people), and the President goes around telling the crowd something about each graduate.  At the end he came to Ryan, and said that this is the first Fellowship at Yale that any graduate from Cleveland University – Kansas City (formerly Cleveland Chiropractic College) has ever had.  It sure put a big smile on Ryan’s face as Kaelyn told the story to all the rest of us at our lunch before the graduation.  He put a smile on all of our faces as he has finally achieved his educational dream…Dr. Ryan Burdick, Chiropractor.  


  1. Congratulations to Ryan - quite an accomplishment!

    1. It even brought a smile to my you can see in the picture

  2. Congratulations to Ryan for achieving his goal of getting his Doctrine. Wishing him the best at Yale.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thanks...sure glad it is over with, not as glad as he is I'll bet...

  3. That is just so exciting!!! Congratulations Ryan!!!!

    1. Now if he was only closer we could have FREE Chiropractic Services! lol


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