Thursday, April 18, 2019

Only HAIL!!!!!

At Camron Bluff Campground, Mount Magazine State Park, AR


I watched the weather radar closely last night, along with watching a local TV station which showed warnings.  Around midnight the warning went out that Mount Magazine was right in the path of a Thunder Storm Warning with localized HAIL...oh no, I hate hail.  Hail breaks windows, puts dents in cars and motorhomes, and 'can' knock down limbs.  All the sudden I hear very loud thunder clap with only a second from the flash, repeating and repeating.  I pull in the slide and just before I finish that, hail starts.  It lasts for a long, long time...well, ok, maybe 5 minutes.  Some of the hits sound like huge hail balls like in this picture above that I got off the Internet.


Well, maybe they were more like this picture above...again a picture I got off the net.  Those can break windows, and make dents, but probably not.  I look outside just after they pass...and I see....NOTHING.  So much water on the ground that what ice fell, melted right away.


It was PROBABLY more like the hail above...taken off a Fort Smith News site this morning.  But when you are in your motorhome and it sounds like every hit is a softball hitting your ceiling.


This is the radar map late morning today...we are out of it, Mississippi is in for it, then Alabama...even Florida probably tomorrow.  This storm went through Northern California a few days ago, but when it hit the humid gulf air, which thank goodness has not heated up enough yet to cause tornadoes in Arkansas, gave us the Thunderstorms.  Although we will have more rain this weekend, it appears to not be as severe of weather as what we have gone through...and the week we are in the Kansas City area right now looks good...but this time of year, you always have to be aware.



And here are pictures of Skruffy (above) and Bubba (below) this morning showing off their new haircuts.  I transitioned from the number 4 blade to the number 7 blade to give them a little less fur to deal with as hotter weather is coming soon.  I use to cut Bubba down to a number 10 blade...but he has so many skin tags now that is just too hard to do.  Bubba turns 16 this year...sleeps a lot, and at breakfast wants "breakfast served in (near) bed" to dinner, he is up and dancing and prancing and can't wait for me to dish it out.  Skruffy, now that we have left the confines of the condo where she 'needs to be quiet', barks as I dish out the food and serve it to her.  The first two weeks it was hard to get her to jump up the stairs leading to the inside of the motorhome...her eyes are so bad.  Now that she is use to it, she is jumping up those stairs just about every time now.  She has been with me for nearly 10 years, and we can only guess that she was around 1 1/2 years old when I saved her off the streets of Pine she will be 12 this year, if she isn't 12 already.  Diabetes is under control...just wish she was not losing her eyesight along with it.


  1. I'm holding my breath until you get out of tornado country!!!!!
    Love to see the puppies. Mine still see reasonably well, but Jessie's hearing went down the tubes. I can no longer call her. I have to walk to where she is and wave my hands.

    1. I am more worried about the trip from Kansas City to Arizona, right into and through Tornado Alley in late April. Good thing, we are in no hurry...will go around any potential bad weather.

      Skruffy's hearing has been affected, and Bubba has had 'selective hearing' for many years now.


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