Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Up to my Neck in …

Home in Holiday / Tarpon Springs area

Called my brother-in-law Arny today and the first thing I said was, “ARNY, I am up to my neck in ….”  He goes, “OH NO!!!”  I laughed and said, “Not really…the parts just came in today, will be doing the ‘dirty deed’ over the next few days.”  (Referring to my last blog about fixing the motorhome toilet system)   He got a good laugh out of that.

Bubba in his Chair, taken last DecemberArny said Bubba is doing great.  Although he is now in the habit of getting up at 4:30 am every morning because that is when my sister Sandy gets up then.  Every day means Saturday and Sundays too…and if you don’t get up to let him out, he will barf…he has never peed or pooped in a house, but he will barf.  He gave Arny a bit of a scare the other day.  Arny went to the sliding glass door to let Bubba in, and as he opens to door to call out to him, he can’t see him.  He even took a flashlight out and looked all over for him, but to no avail.  He comes back inside and there is Bubba asleep in ‘his’ chair.  Arny figures that when he opened the door, Bubba was over at the water bowl, slipped into the house without Arny seeing him.  Got Arny’s heart a racing, that’s for sure.

Michael & Anna's new houseTalked to my Son Michael and he and Anna’s house purchase went through, and they will be moving in early in February.  It looks like a real cute home, real close to a community park, and in a real nice neighborhood about 4 miles from where they both work.  It is AMAZING how quickly house prices have sky-rocketed in the Sacramento area…and they are wise to buy now because a year from now the interest rates will be higher and the prices will be higher too.

Mr. Steak

Back in November while we were still in Sacramento, I wrote a blog about my “Mr. Steak Years”, from busboy/dishwasher to cook, to head cook, to Assistant Manager to Manger to General Manager….worked nearly 15 years in that business.  Well, the other day I got an email alert that someone posted a comment, which being that late from the posting is normally spam…but this time it wasn’t…it was one of my Mr. Steak employees.  I share it with you here…
hi dave -- my first job at 15 1/2 years old was as dishwasher at mr steak on fair oaks. my dad harry and I ate there before I worked there and I think he convinced you to give me a shot. great memories, great work experience, made some good friends and I wound up owning 2 restaurants myself, one in SF one in southern CA , still going strong. anyway looks like life has treated you well. thanks for hiring me back then in '82!! levon kazarian
WOW!!!  You don’t know how good that made me feel…to hire a young man, and he did so good, that he made Restaurants his career!  Sure makes you heart feel good…

Vacuflush Vacuum Generator PartsI don’t think I will be taking pictures of the toilet repair, afraid to get the camera dirty…but I will let you all know how it all turns out.  Went to the local Salvation Army (the same one that was in the National News because the couple in charge was selling furniture to a local used furniture shop at a very low, sometime free, price and getting kickbacks from them.)  Anyway, I wanted a blanket and a couple of towels that I can use and toss out after this repair is done…just in case I really am up to my neck in….    Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck with your yucky repairs.

    Cooper always gives me heart attacks like that. He sneaks outside, then I can't find him. Not good to have a puppy outside in the desert, even if I do have a fenced yard!!

    1. The "BIG" heart attack for me was when we still had a home in Palm Harbor...I was painting the bedroom and I hear Skruffy barking OUT FRONT! Those TWO had gotten through a hole in the fence, and BUBBA was GONE!!!! 60 minutes of searching for that boy turned up nothing...told Marcia to go back inside and I was going to give it one more shot around the neighborhood...nothing...until I drive up to the house and there he was under the motorhome panting. You want to bust their butts...but instead you just give him a big hug and a "that-a-boy" for coming back home.


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