Saturday, January 6, 2018

Quick Stats of Trip Home – Sacramento to Tarpon Springs

Holiday Florida. RV in Tarpon Springs

Sacramento to Tarpon Springs Map

Left 1:30 pm  (PT) on December 26th, Arrived 12:30 pm (ET) January 4th. 
2950 miles traveled (I know, the map says it was more), 353 gallons of gas (we did idle and run the generator which also uses gas, so it was probably closer to 8.5 miles per gallon).
Least expensive gas was in Tucson Arizona, $2.029 per gallon, most expensive was in Bakersfield, California, $2.779 per gallon.  

Lowest overnight temperature was 19 degrees in Boerne Texas.  Yes, we froze up our grey tank and our black tank, but was able to dump them in Houston the next day.

7 days of travel.  We stayed 2 nights in Phoenix Arizona, and 2 nights at Top of Hill, Boerne Texas.  Longest day was 12+ hours from Welcome Center in Louisiana to Walmart in Perry Florida.

Biggest Scare:  When I ran a red light on Highway 19 in Florida, with a Florida Highway Patrol Car sitting in the median on the other side of the light.  Either he did not see us, or the car was empty, or I got to the intersection before the light turned red.  Not sure which it was, just grateful I did not get a ticket.

Dead Deer along highway:  Most deer were in Florida, next was Texas.  Did not see any live deer except for one young fawn sitting along a freeway entrance, very near a mother deer which was dead….a very sad thing to see.  We were coming onto the freeway…can only hope that the fawn was rescued, because it was too young to make it on its own.

Wrecks:  Two trucks were being unloaded by what looked like inmates, both had been in a wreck hours before we went through.  Saw many police in Eastern Texas and in Florida…few anywhere else.  Freeway was shutdown in Tallahassee Florida, but opened before we got to the area.

Four nights in Passport America parks, two nights in a county park, one night in Walmart, one night is a welcome center, one night in truck/RV area attached to a gas station.
Overall, it was a good trip, hard due to cold weather causing freezing up of waste lines, and traffic due to Christmas Break.  Engine worked great, as did all the rest of the mechanical features.

Countdown to trip back = about 11 weeks….


  1. Where did those 49 miles disappear? :-D

    1. Don't know where those 49 miles went, but I'll bet we lost them in the WARMER area, and not the COLDER areas that we traveled!

  2. Wow that's quite a haul. Did you explain earlier why you are going back in 7 weeks.

    1. It was ELEVEN weeks, and it is because dad turns 90 on April 1st. Mom will be 88 later that same month, their 70th anniversary is in June, and my oldest son is getting married in July.

  3. That was a fast trip in my book!! Glad you made it safe and sound without getting a ticket!! $2.79 for gas in Bakersfield? Diesel there was $3.79!!!

    70 degrees here in So Cal .... just sayin'

  4. I usually call humane society to report instances like young fawn needing to be rescued. I once reported a dog stuck in medium of highway...I pulled over to flag the patrol car down to show them where the dog was stuck. They did a great rescue...I was so happy.


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