Sunday, December 31, 2017

From Phoenix to ….

Top of the Hill RV Park, near Boerne, Texas

South of Phoenix

We left Phoenix by 5:15 am, and it was still dark.  As we got south of Phoenix, the sun was coming up, and we were surprised at the inversion layer…much like we saw over Phoenix.  Stopped at a Walmart in Casa Grande to get eggs and spinach for our morning omelets, and to feed Skruffy at 7:30.  As a diabetic dog, she eats 12 hours apart.  In California that is 7 am and 7 pm.  In Florida we are shooting for 9 am and 9 pm…so we adjusted her to 7:30 when we got to Arizona (which is 6:30 California time), and 8:30 now that we are in Central time, and when we get to Eastern Time, it will be easy to got 9 and 9.

Tucson, Arizona

I “wonder” if any of my faithful blog readers remember this view from “their” new home?  

Southeast Arizona

Southeaster Arizona had clear blue skies…and wonderful landscape.

Amtrak headed to New Mexico and beyond

Here is one way to “see” America…but you only get to see views from the rails…

Southwest New Mexico

New Mexico had nice blue skies too…

Coming into Las Cruces, New Mexico

…until you get to town of another one of my blog followers.  But hey, I don’t think it is Las Cruces’ fault…I think much of the smog come up from the south where regulations are not nearly as strong as their are in the states.

Entering Texas above El Paso

And finally Texas…

Top of the Hill RV Park, Boerne, Texas

…where 530 miles later, and a nights sleep in Van Horn, here we are.

Top of the Hill RV Park, Boerne, Texas

So wait…what happened to 500+ miles of “scenery”?  Well, as we headed to Van Horn, it was getting dark.  This morning we left Van Horn at 5:45 am.  JUST as it was starting to have what would be a very pretty sunrise, we hit a fog/cloud bank.  For a bit I thought I was driving between San Francisco and Sacramento, the fog was that thick…well, almost that thick.  Then the temps dropped to as low as 27.  Ice built up on the mirrors, on the wipers, and the tire sensors went crazy with the cold weather.  Thankfully, the road was not slippery…but one never knows so speeds were kept to around 55 most of the way today.  What should have been a 6 1/2 hour trip, took well over 8.  Notice in the pictures above that the car is still hooked up, the slide is “in”, and we only have our electric plugged in.

Arizona border    New Mexico border

Texas border    Continental Divide

So we have completed 1,700 of our 3,000 mile trip back home.  We will be here in Boerne (pronounced “Burney”) for two nights.  It is New Year’s Eve tonight, and we sure did not want to be out on the road very late…getting here after 2:00 was late enough.  It may or may not snow and/or have icy rain tonight, so I we decided to stay for two nights.  Tomorrow I will add water to our water tank, empty our holding tanks, and put everything back away except the electrical hookup.  We had the slide out for awhile today, but with possible ice, I did not want to have problems pulling it in tomorrow or Tuesday.  I also lowered the antenna to where I just get a clear picture…but low enough that I can drive if absolutely needed in case the ice is heavier than predicted. Tuesday we plan to have a late breakfast with my brother Jim and wife Carol in San Antonio, and then off we go…hoping that this is the worse of the weather…it is bound to be the coldest with temps hitting the low 20’s, perhaps the teens while we are here.  But we are staying warm with our DeLonghi radiant heater, and the motorhome’s propane heater periodically coming on and off.

Note:  Why the "...." in the title?  Because Marcia would not let me say Hell  😉


  1. Driving through west Texas is way down on my list of favorite things to do - not any scenery worth a picture! :-P
    Stay warm!

    1. Of course, as a 23 year Arkansan...that goes for ALL of Texas! lol (Hope you are warm...we aren't, but will be once we are home)

  2. Should have stopped in Arizona. 40+ nights and 70+ days.
    Wishing you both a Safe and Happy New Year.
    Hopefully no more Scams.

    It's about time.

    1. Marcia has a doctor appointment next week that she HAS to living with MS.


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