Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Bubba’s Not Going to Florida With Us

Sister’s House – Citrus Heights, CA

Skruffy and Bubba
We have come to my sister’s house each year since our travels started in 2012…this year we stayed here much longer than past years.  It did not take long for Skruffy and Bubba to condition themselves to early 7 am morning treat that their Uncle Arny gives them each and every day.  One time we were here and Arny and Sandy went to Hawaii on a well deserved Vacation…and I had to promise to watch the turtles, feed the squirrels and birds, and of course, give Skruffy and Bubba their morning and afternoon treats.  With Skruffy having Diabetes, her treats have been altered a bit with less than an ounce of pork which I have fried up ahead of time, and half that amount at 4 pm when Sandy gets home from work.  Although these two pictures were taken back in September when it was warm enough to have the door open at 7 am, they are still waiting at the closed door…so excited that they can’t Skruffy and Bubba, Arny at the doorcontain themselves, just about each and every morning.Once they get their treat, they do their business, then come back into the motorhome for their breakfast…and with breakfast, skruffy gets her insulin shot.  Since the pork is just part of her breakfast, she can have more in the morning than at 4 pm.  After breakfast, Bubba is let out, and we don’t see him back in the motorhome until 6:30 or 7:00 pm, in time for dinner.

Bubba in his bed on his chair

So, what does Bubba do all day if he is not in the motorhome?  He spends his time laying down in “his chair” in their living room….we recently bought a doggie bed to put in the chair, and of course, if he gets a doggie bed, Skruffy gets one too, which is at the top of our bed between our heads. 

Bubba ready to clean up after Sandy feeds Euleda

Bubba also assists with the feeding of Euleda at lunch and dinner…he makes trips out to the garage where Arny spends much of his afternoons (even mornings during the warmer weather)….and he assists with dinner.  How does a dog assist with lunch and dinner?  By picking up anything that falls…and things fall all the time.  Skruffy can’t be inside during lunch or dinner because she can’t have those little scraps that fall on the ground.  Bubba knows it is his duty, and he does it well.

Bubba back in Florida

Back in Florida Bubba cannot be at the condo, which is a no pet zone.  Skruffy is a service dog, so she is exempt.  (I blogged about Skruffy being a Service Dog a few years ago.)  Bubba stays at Marcia’s brother’s house in Tarpon Springs about 7 miles from where we live.  Not saying Bubba has ever been in the condo…but we would see him just about every week, and he was still groomed by me, and we would occasionally pick him up to go to the doggie park, and he would travel with us if we went anywhere for a few days in the motorhome.

Christmas Tree
When we leave next week, the day after Christmas, we will only be gone for 3 months, because we will be back for dad’s 90th birthday.  Since we won’t be gone very long, and because Bubba loves it here at Uncle Arny’s (and Aunt Sandy…but she is at work so long every Monday through Friday), that I asked them if it was ok if Bubba stays with them.  They agreed.  I have bought two very large bags of dog food (he eats the Diabetic Dog Food that Skruffy eats), will leave 3 months of heart-worm meds, will have him groomed in the next few days, and other than feeding him (including his glucosamine chondroitin msm pill with one meal), giving his heart-worm meds once per month, providing him his treats, giving him love…and take him to the groomers in February.


Bubba does not have too many more years left in him.  He is 14 years old now, is doing well, but is showing his age.  Bubba is Arny’s buddy…if Arny does a quick stop, Bubba might hit his buttocks.  Bubba use to be a runner, running away any chance he got…now he sits at the open garage door just looking out.  We still keep an eye on him, but he won’t run away…he might just wander a bit due to his urge to sniff everything in sight.  Bubba won’t have a new home…just a temporary home that he is very accustomed too…until we return.  We KNOW he will be one happy camper while we are gone, we just hope he will be one happy camper upon our return next year!  Winking smile
Christmas Tree With Stockings (photoshopped)

Hey “SIS”, I put Christmas Stockings up on the Fireplace for you!

stockings with names

Even has your names on it. 

Sister's Christmas Decorations

Sister's Christmas Decorations     Sister's Christmas Decorations    Sister's Christmas Decorations

Sister's Christmas Decorations

We really like your decorations DESPITE not having any stockings on the mantle.  


  1. Awww you're going to miss Bubba! I'm glad you have a great place to leave him for a few months. Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!!

    1. It is so unfortunate that the Condo Association just does not allow dogs. So much evidence that dogs extend life, are good companions...but some people are just plain ignorant.


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