Thursday, November 30, 2017

Let’s Have Lunch

Sister’s House -- Citrus Heights, CA

South chicken restaurant via Google Maps    

Yesterday (Tuesday) I had lunch with my son Michael at a place called “South’s” at 11th and T streets in Sacramento.  Not fancy by any means, but the food was sure good.

California State Capital

Michael works in the State Capital as a staff member for a prominent committee for the State Assembly.  Although all (if not all, nearly all) state’s have a State Senate, some states have either a Assembly, General Assembly, State Assembly, House of Delegates, or House of Representatives…California has the State Assembly system.  Since the house and senate are essentially on break, although they still hold hearings and committee meetings during this time period, it is a slower time for Michael, and going out to lunch was an easy meet up.  Besides, he wanted to buy his dad lunch for my birthday which I had last week (see previous blog).  So I picked him up just before noon, and we headed to South Chicken Restaurant.  While still adhering to my low carb diet, I had the Fried Chicken Kale Salad and tried pulling off the crispy batter from the chicken the best I could.  I am not a huge fan of Kale, but I really liked this Kale Salad topped with herbed buttermilk dressing, toasted pistachios and goat cheese (also comes with onions which I passed on).  Michael had the fried chicken…which looked even better than my salad, although I don’t think I could have handled the cooked kale greens that came with it.  Only thing missing was his fiancé Anna who is also a state worker, but had a 1:00 meeting which she could not have missed.  They are getting married next year in July, so you can guess where we will be next year with dad turning 90, mom and dad celebrating their 70th anniversary, and son Michael getting married…and in between a few of these events, we will probably go to Yosemite (one of my favorite parks) and we plan to be in Southern Oregon for at least a month, probably 6 weeks.

Claim Jumper exterior via flickr

Claim Jumper interior via flickrToday (Wednesday) mom had a regular checkup with her primary doctor at 1 pm, so Marcia, Mom, Dad and I went to Claim Jumper in Roseville for lunch.  Claim Jumper is a Landry’s Restaurant, and I have a Landry’s card, and for my birthday they give a $25 birthday credit if you come in on your birthday month (or before the 15th of the next month).  We like Claim Jumper, although the price can be up there…but lunch is more reasonable.  Long time blog readers know that mom and dad use to live on the same cul-de-sac as my sister…where we stay with our motorhome when we visit the area.  There is only one house between where mom and dad lived, and Sandy Claim Jumper Chocolate Cake, via Yelpand Arny’s house…and the man of the house just happens to be a manager at Claim Jumper…and he worked today…and he had not seen mom and dad since they had to move.  Well, he made sure our orders were perfect…and they were…and he tossed in a free piece of birthday cake for me which I gave Arny and Sandy. YES, the picture to the left is what it looks like…it really is that big.  Marcia and I in previous years…before diet…would eat at Claim Jumper and purchase a dessert or two to bring back to Sandy and Arny which would feed the six of us (remember, mom and dad were still next door back then.)

In my next blog I plan to share pictures of Christmas lights around the neighborhood...Arny is still working on his, and some of the neighbors are already finished.  When you have a bunch of lights, the pain is making sure they all work.  Arny asked me to order a few tools which helped find the bad areas...and I will share pictures of that process with you all then too.

NOTE:  The only picture I took for this posting was the one of the Capital...all of the others came from the Internet, and are noted as such if you place the cursor over the picture.


  1. Claim Jumper has the best and biggest cake in the West. Love it!!!


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