Friday, August 11, 2017

Glassy Smooth, Fire Alert …

Huntley Park, Gold River Oregon

Rogue River, Huntley Bar, Huntley Park near Gold River

After feeding the dogs this evening I looked out over the water and…it finally happened.  The Rogue River was as smooth as glass.  So I took me a little walk to get some pictures.

Rogue River, Huntley Bar, Huntley Park near Gold River

Nice and peaceful one second….

Jerry's Rogue Jet Boat, Rogue River, Huntley Bar, Huntley Park near Gold River

…to one of Jerry’s Rogue Jets flying down the river.  Actually I did not mind, got the perfect picture of it. 

Jerry's Rogue Jet Boat, Rogue River, Huntley Bar, Huntley Park near Gold RiverThese are the boat tours we see the most.  for $50, you go from Gold Beach up to Agness…a 32 mile trip.  An hour for lunch, and then back again…64 miles total.  Not only do they carry passengers, they also carry the US Mail…one of the few Mail Boats around.  They also have two other, longer trips…check out their website if you are interested.  As for us…we will pass on it.  So much for the nice smooth Waves from Jerry's Rogue Jet Boat, Rogue River, Huntley Bar, Huntley Park near Gold Riverglassy water.  I could have stuck around and waited for the glassy effect to return…but there will be other days.  The tide and the winds have to be just right…an hour later, the water was running down the river faster even though there was no wind.  In the morning around 7-8 I had seen it too, but the fog was not good for pictures.

Neighbor,  Huntley Park near Gold River

This guy from Reno moved in next to us today with this massive Toy Hauler, and on front of his truck he had a bicycle and a motorcycle.  He is alone, but he knows some other people in the park…but could not park near them because of his massive size compared to where they are camping.  Inside the Toy Hauler he told me that he has a 4 wheel off road contraption (my word, not his).  Any way, this is his first outing with his “new to him” toy hauler.  Had it for a short time, just put new batteries in it, and it was not holding a charge very well.  Seems there was a manual cut-off that he did not turn on, so when he had the generator going yesterday, that he had to jump start with his truck, it did nothing.  Not having a volt meter with him, I took mine over and by 7:30 he was getting 13.3 to the new batteries, and they had charged up to 12.7, so we hope all is well. 

.FiremenFiremen Firemen

Of course, YOU might have thought that I working on this guy’s electrical problem was the cause for the Fire Alert…but no, it was not I.  We ALL know the importance of our Firemen and Firewomen…their bravery on a day in and day out basis cannot be surpassed.  So late this afternoon we were concerned as we heard a siren which seemed to pass down the road, and then it turned around and head back our way.  And there was some talk we could not make out over the truck’s public address system.  I step out and I see smoke about 8 sites down, and I think the worse.  Bolster that with the signs along the highway which say, “Fire Alert HIGH”, I am very concerned.  Then I faintly make out the PA Forest Fireannouncement….a fund raiser BBQ tomorrow down in Gold Beach.  And soon three firemen politely walk up and ask if I want to buy some tickets.  The smoke I saw…just a normal campfire.  Now I understand that rural fire departments have to raise money…but there seemed to be a lack of common sense in this case.  I really thought we were going to have to evacuate due to a fire.

This morning we were into our fifth day of boondocking, so we took a trip down to Gold Beach and emptied our tanks, and did a quick trip into the store.  We are going to stay here for the full two weeks, so this should get us through until Tuesday morning. 


  1. Maybe they don't realize how scary that is to RV owners, especially ones who have experienced those fires!! Glad everything was okay!!

    1. Marcia REALLY was alarmed by this, understandably. I remember when she first saw the sign "Fire Alert Status - HIGH" on the sign near the entrance to the park she said, "Are you sure we want to camp here?" But when we went down into the park and saw how they kept the grass trimmed, and the large area of rocks down by the river, we felt it would be very safe. I think the alert is more for as you head further east where it is even drier and hotter.


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