Thursday, November 17, 2016

Final Frontier–Boldly Going…

Star Trek

Well, not sure about the “final” part of this, but we are “boldly going” and it has a lot to do with “Frontier”.


Yep, it is this type of “Frontier”.  On April 1, 2016, Frontier Communications took over the Verizon Fios in parts of California, Texas and Florida that Verizon had.  This has been a shaky start for Frontier, that is for sure.  Here in the Condos, everyone who has Internet and/or a TV service has it through Brighthouse…which, by the way, just changed to Charter Communications' Spectrum brand.  Up until yesterday, we strictly relied upon our 40 gig air card with Verizon…but with use both on the computer so much, we eat through 40 gigs in a month while in the condo because the speed is so fast that too much data is transferred even when we click on a page that turns out to not contain what we are searching for…and with so many pages offering short videos…well, they just load away even though we are not going to watch them.


So we decided to go with Frontier, which, for $55 a month plus tax, gives us 100 mb speed, fiber optic to the house (so increasing speed or service in the future will be easy if needed), unlimited usage, no hook-up charge, 2 year contract with decreasing fee each month of use if we stop early, and ability to suspend/vacation when we are gone for only a $12 charge for each month…but it also freezes contract until we start up again.  Since we foresee 5 months of use, this will cost us about $375 a year…which is less than the $100 extra each month for data overage each of the five months we are here…and worrying about how much we are using.  Yes, with Verizon one can normally adjust their use…but we have a deal with 40 gigs for 1/2 the going rate due to a Christmas Special we got 2 years ago.  While on the road, we can use anywhere from 20-40 gigs, but never really over the 40.  So for us, this works.


As for the “Boldly going…”, well, so far we are fine with it.  When Frontier took over, they had a hard time getting it together.  First, they had to hire out phone assistance overseas to handle the new work load.  We all have been there….”Halloo, dis is Joe, hows cans I halp you todays?”  (of course, “JOE” is not his real name)  The communication gap makes for bad service.  Good thing, they have hired and trained new communications staff, and all reps you talk to now (as of sometime in October) are from the USA…and in my experience, all have been good.  Second, the new work load was hard to handle even though many of the old Verizon workers came into the Frontier family.  The tech who installed us said that anytime there is a change like this, it makes people nervous…but that everything seems to be clicking now.  Third, when there is a change, customers get contacted by the competition, and many times are lured away…which has happened…but there has been a slight up-swing.  And here in Florida where Brighthouse changed hands, they can now go after the Brighthouse users who are not happy with that change.  And in the Holiday/Tarpon Springs area, there are only two games in town unless you want to go satellite…and here in the Condo, satellite is not an option.  I already had one person inquire, and I told her I would let her know how it is working out.  She is paying over $120 per month for basic cable, Internet and phone…I think she can get the same with Frontier for around $85-$90.


Boldly going at light speed … just hope we aren’t just turning our wheels and going nowhere.  Winking smile

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  1. 11-23-2016: Happy Birthday, Dave. I hope you have a wonderful Bday...and many, many more. Hi to Marsha and the pups.

    Cat Lady


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