Thursday, October 13, 2016

Near Athens Tennessee

Stopping for the night at a rest area near Athens Tennessee.   We did visit the two places we wanted to see near Cincinnati, and will blog about them after we get home and have settled back into Condo Life.

All was going well until we got to just north of Knoxville, when our tire pressure went off.  Back drivers inner tire went from 80 to 65, sounding the alarm, and slowly continued to get lower as I, of course, slowed down, put on my emergency lights, got to the shoulder and decided to slowly (30 mph) drive the just under one mile to the exit.  Just so happened, a Pilot Gas Station was right there on the left side of the interstate...but it was one of the small Pilots, but right next door, a Cracker Barrel.  SCORE!   About 90 minutes later the repair truck was there to change the tire out, and off we went.  The problem...a bad tire stem, and tomorrow we will drop by a Discount Tire Store and get that replaced, and put back on.  Thank goodness for tire pressure sensor, and for Blue Sky Insurance Roadside Assistance!

Should be pulling into the Condo around noon, give or take a few hours, on Saturday.  As is our custom, we unload some, move the RV over to a RV Park next to where we live for a couple of days until we finish it up, and then it goes into storage. 

Looking forward to seeing everyone back "home" in Florida.

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