Tuesday, October 11, 2016

DJ’s Auto Repair, The Old Mill, near Cincy

DJ's Auto Repair, North Little Rock/Sherwood Arkansas     DJ's Auto Repair, North Little Rock/Sherwood Arkansas

Yesterday’s brake job was not cheep, cost us less than if we did it in Florida or California, was done VERY Professionally, was a pleasurable experience over-all (who likes having to spend money on repairs and maintenance?), and we rate DJ’s Auto Repair as high as any of the other places that we gave excellent rating to.

First off, David Sayles is an excellent front of the house person.  He is very nice, good communicator, as honest as they come, and very sincere.  When he says, “When we finish our work I would put my mother in that vehicle…”, he means it.

Second, our repair person, and I am sorry I cannot remember his name, is real good.  He retired from the local Air Force Base about a year ago, is getting married soon, and is a real hard worker who does it right.  Knowing we wanted to get on the road, he only took a 10 minute lunch hour.  He replaced the brakes, the calipers, and the rotor on both side in the back.  He also replace the axle seal on both sides and inspected the axle and said it was looking good.  He also replaced the back portion of the brake line.  A master line goes to the back, then it T’s off to each wheel.  He replaced from the T to the wheels.  Total time, about 6 hours…and that was waiting for new brake lines because the first set was not correct, and he had to make minor adjustment to the second set to make it work because Ford does not have the original type any more.  Finally, he bleed the brake lines, which took about 40 minutes of the 6 hours..

Third, the owner, DJ (Don Jackson) is also a very nice man, honest, friendly, and instills honesty and trustworthiness to his employees.  The shop has six bays, and a wrecker.  The phone rang off the wall, customers came and went, and so did delivery people bringing parts and taking back unused parts and cores for rebuilding.    They offered free coffee, some rolls while they lasted, and made us feel very comfortable through out our stay in their waiting area.

Finally, it is nice to have full brakes again!

Note:  Three different RV Dealerships bring RV’s to DJ’s, and refer people to DJ’s.  One “unnamed” dealer called them last week asking about the status of one of their RV’s…but it had not been delivered to DJ’s.  The next day they dropped it off, and asked for it to be done ASAP because they had it for two weeks already.  While we were there, the owner of the RV called DJ’s and wondered why it was taking so long.  DJ’s was upfront with the customer, as they should have been, and told them it was delivered on Friday, and it was “next”, but they would need it another day or two depending upon what was wrong with it.  How SHAMEFUL for this “unnamed” dealer to pull this on a customer, and then, try and say it was DJ’s fault it was taking so long.  SHAME SHAME SHAME, and good for DJ’s for being honest about it.  “Unnamed”, we know who you are, but we don’t want to burn your relationship with DJ’s, so you will remain “Unnamed”, except by word of mouth.  That was very shameful…and it is why so many people fear RV dealerships.  Reader beware:  if you are going to have any type of chassis work done at a RV dealer, it would be advisable to ask them if they do the work in house, and if not, that you want the name of who does the work and deal directly with them yourself.  This person thought their motorhome was being worked on for two weeks now, and it just sat at the dealer.   (If there are any comments which name dealers, they will be deleted…again, we don’t want to jeopardize any relationship DJ’s has with RV dealers)

Old Mill, North Little Rock

A few years ago I wrote about the “Old Mill” in North Little Rock.  This mill (above) was part of the opening credits of Gone with the Wind, as shown below.

Old Mill, North Little Rock, as seen in Gone with the Wind

Now the Old Mill is a nice park in North Little Rock, and many students use the area for their senior pictures, many couples use the area for wedding announcement pictures, and some even get married and/or have wedding pictures taken here.  Springtime the gardens are full of flowers…in the fall, the change of colors are wonderful.  Today we went by and found the park fairly empty, and still very charming and photogenic.

Old Mill, North Little Rock     Old Mill, North Little Rock

Old Mill, North Little Rock     Old Mill, North Little Rock

As you can see, it is a lovely place…and since we were nearby taking the dogs to a doggie park while the motorhome was being worked on, I thought I would drop by to share some more pictures of the Old Mill.  Parking in the area is along the street, and it would not be advisable to take a large RV there, but it is doable if during the right time of day and right time of year (like early October on a weekday). 

Memphis at Night     Nashville

Last night Marcia tried to get a night picture of Memphis as we crossed into Tennessee…hard to do in a moving vehicle at night.  We stayed at a rest area in Jackson Tennessee, which was a typical rest area stay (which typically is loud, and this one was loud).  Today she did get a picture of Nashville as we crossed north of town heading for I-65.  We drove just under 400 miles to the town of Crittenden Kentucky.  Two nights here for two special excursions, then off we go towards Florida.


  1. Don't you just LOVE good service? I have no problem paying more for good service, especially when they are cordial to boot!!

    1. Yes Nancy, you are so right. In this case, because it was done in Arkansas where costs are less than in California or even than Florida, we spent less according to my brother-in-law Arny. Also, I should have mentioned, we ALWAYS give a review at "RV Service Reviews" (rvservicereviews.com), and I found a good review on DJ's before we committed to taking our RV there.

  2. Love the old mill! 400 miles, are you kidding me?

    1. As we start out our trips and end our trips we seem to have a few long travel days...and frankly, I can do that just about any time I need to. Don't like doing it as much, but you do what you have to do sometimes. Our goal is to be home by the 15th, and it looks like we will make it.


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