Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Tillamook Oregon, must be Tillabars Time

We ended up staying at Stan Hedwall Park for 3 nights, and drove over to Tillamook today (Monday).  It was a nice drive with a short stop for gas at Fred Meyers in Longview.  We had not driven this route, US 30 to Cornelius Pass Road to 26 and then to 6 before.  Only Cornelius Pass Road was narrow...the rest of the roads were just fine.  Stan Hedwall Park is not bad at all for $15 per night, water, electric, dump station.  Not far off I-5, and the trains that run near can be heard, but no whistles, and the sound is heavily muted by the trees and brush between the park and the tracks.  Yes, we heard trains...no, they did not wake us or bother us at all.

Of course, if in Tillamook, a visit to the cheese factory to pick up some Tillabars is in order.  Marcia was a bit tired, so she sent me over, and I came back with some cheese, and five boxes of Tillabars.  Showed her this yummy Raspberry Truffle box and told her I got five boxes of them.  Of course, she and my sister Sandy want Lemon ones...but send a man to do a job, and you get what you get.

Well, just because I am a man does not mean I have stupid written across my forehead!  Only one box was Raspberry, the other four are Lemon.  


Karen and Tony were also in the Tillamook area, and knowing that we were headed that way, Karen contacted me and they too stayed at the Port of Tillamook RV Park, also called the Tillamook Airport RV Park.  For $15 you get nothing other than peace and quiet and place to put your RV...although if you need water, they a few spouts in the park to fill up from.  We all went out to dinner to the Pelican Brewery & Tap Room which was a place that they can park their RV at since they travel solely in their RV, which accommodates Karen's need to be in a wheelchair.  This is their third wheelchair accommodated RV, and I think they like this one the best.  They have been fulltiming since 1993, and in October of that same year she had a freak accident at the Albuquerque Balloon Festival which left her paralyzed from the waist down.  That did not stop them from their dream to travel though.  Karen has assembled one of the best collection of RV travel related and also wheelchair related maps and resources than anything I have seen on the Internet.  Give them a visit at their website, Rolling in a RV - Wheelchair Traveling.   Nice seeing you again Karen and Tony...until our paths cross again...


  1. Thanks Dave! It was really nice to see you and Marcia again. Have a good trip to California!

    1. Enjoying our last morning under 60 degrees...where we are headed will be 96 today (Wednesday) and over 100 tomorrow when we head out of there to the 90's of Sacramento.

  2. Now "I" knew you didn't buy all raspberry!!! LOL I'm glad Marcia got her lemon bars!!
    That's an amazing story about Karen and Tony!! They are an inspiration for sure!!

    1. It was hard to by-pass the southern Washington coast knowing you were there...but just not in the cards this time. Gotta be in Sacramento Friday for a month long visit with family before we head out east.


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