Friday, August 5, 2016

Prince Rupert, British Columbia

Deer passing through Prince Rupert RV Park

This guy walked right through the campground one morning. 

Deer passing through Prince Rupert RV Park

And when I say “right through”, I mean right through.  Marcia was at the kitchen sink and said, “There is a deer about ready to walk by the front of the motorhome.”  So I picked up the camera, opened the window, and got three shots of him as he strolled by.  With the dense woods here, even though we are right in Prince Rupert, it does not surprise me.  However, this is the first deer we have seen in months.

Prince Rupert RV Park    Prince Rupert RV Park

Prince Rupert RV Park    Prince Rupert RV Park

This is one of the most different RV parks that we have stayed in.  There are probably 15 places to “dry camp” just because they have never run power to that area.  You can see us in the upper left photo, but our first night we were right next to where that motorhome is in the upper right photo…and when I took this shot, I was standing by our car where we are now.  You are assigned full service sites, but you pick your own dry camping site.  Every “even numbered day” the ferry from Port Hardy, Vancouver Island, arrives around 11 pm.  It is literally a 3 minute drive from the ferry to the RV park. So last night we heard a number of RVs arrive between 11 pm and midnight.  On “odd” number days the ferry heads back to Port Hardy at 7:30, so at 4:30 you start hearing noise, by 5 am you hear the sounds of engines starting and RV pulling out, around 5:15 it gets silent again…until 6 am or so when the people going on fishing cruises arise and make more noise than those who are departing an hour earlier.

Theaann’s Greek Palace at Pacific Inn, Prince Rupert

This is where Theaann’s Greek Palace is located.  If you like Greek food, it is highly recommended…but if it is gone in 2017, that is a real shame.

View from Prince Rupert

View from Prince Rupert     View from Prince Rupert

I drove around the town yesterday and found Memorial Park, where they remember those who were lost at sea.  The view there was real nice.

Schooner in Prince Rupert     Schooner in Prince Rupert

There were two tall sail ships in the harbor.  The schooner Pacific Grace is a youth sail training schooner, and there were young folks on board.  This is part of the Sail and Life Training Society (SALTS) group.

View from Prince Rupert

There are only a few places you can view the inlet from the Pacific Ocean without being at a port in Prince Rupert.  The houses are in good to fair condition, and most seem to date back to the 50’s – 70’s time period.  The drive to Prince Rupert and the views at and near Prince Rupert certainly make it worth coming to.  Of course, most seem to come to use the ferry…more power to them, we are driving on.


  1. Thank goodness I didn't camp there. Too much noise!!! But don't you just LOVE the history and scenery?

    1. Of course, it is not the fault of the RV park what time the Ferrys come and go, but it is the only park "IN" Prince Rupert, there is another in Port Edward nearby, but Prince Rupert has more "things" such as Safeway, Walmart, good restaurants, Greek Food...important stuff like that.


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