Friday, May 30, 2014

Toad Tires from Wally World

Ok, RV Basics for those who need it….a “TOAD” is the “Tow Vehicle”.  We pull a 2009 HHR which has 109,000 miles on it.  It is easy to tow, light (about 2,000 pounds), and it tows well.  Arny put a kill switch in for us a few years ago so all I have to do after hooking it up is to turn the key on ACC, put in neutral, and hit the kill switch to kill the power so the battery does not drain.  We put new tires on the HHR back in 2012, and we have put over 30,000 driving miles. 


We also put around 5,500 tow miles pulling it with the American Eagle…


… 9,000 tow miles pulling it with the Jayco Melbourne…


… and around 4,500 tow miles pulling it with our current motorhome, the Dynamax Isata.  So we had over 30,000 driving miles and 19,000 towing miles.  The Goodyear tires had a 60,000 warranty.  So when I went to Wally World yesterday, they looked at me a bit strange when I told them I wanted new tires.  “But these ones look fine,” he says, “what do you need new tires for?”  I explained how many “real” miles they had on them, and that I feel much more comfortable towing with new tires than tires with 50,000 miles on them.  I feel more comfortable with new tires.


With the tow vehicle, aka “Toad”, I like to use Walmart because there are so many of them around, many with tires stores in them.  The price is good, even Wally World can mount and install tires.  The one thing about Walmart is it is hard to stay with just one brand each time.  Thursday the best deal was Bridgestone, two years ago it was Goodyear.  Of course, $109 per tire after mounting and road hazard and tax and tire disposal equates to around $550, but that’s how it goes.  (As a side note:  There was a man there who was having his Lexus oil changed, and although it was pulled into the stall just before the HHR was pulled into a stall, it took an HOUR for them to change his oil, it took 75 minutes to change my tires.  I just had the oil changed the day before at a place on Greenback Lane called “All Star Lube”, cost $29 plus tax, took 12 minutes….so I told him about it, and I think All Star has a new customer.  I always use All Star if I am in the area.)


I asked about the tire tread, and two guys looked them over and both said it looked good and even, as I had thought.  I asked about the rims and the guy changing them said he saw no problem with the rims.  There was on tire which I constantly had to add air to just about every week to ten days.  Previously a Walmart guy told me I had a small nick in the back part of the rim…which seemed strange to me.  If this tire does not leak, then they must have nicked the tire during installation two years ago causing the leak.  If it still leaks, I am going to find another rim unless it can be hammered out by a professional.  I am just glad we have new tires, I can really tell the difference when I am driving it.

Went by and talked to Kerry McColloch at McColloch’s RV repair and storage yesterday.  Kerry is the owner, his son works there, and Arny has known him for a long, long time.  They fixed our Transfer Relay Box problem last year.  On Tuesday we will take the motorhome in, and Kerry assured me he will have it ready by day’s end…with a “however”, of course.  However #1, that the awning is indeed the one for this motorhome and all the parts are there.  However #2, that the toilet part (which should arrive today) is indeed the right part.  However #3, that does not have to order the propane line that is missing.  Either way, it will be back in our hands Tuesday evening, and we are hoping all three problems are behind us.  My bet is, all three will be done on Tuesday. Winking smile


  1. Ron was just saying our toad needs new tires. Walmart sounds like a good idea.

    1. I felt lucky in that I got right in without a wait. Still took 75 minutes, but I have waited over 3 hours before when I lived in Arkansas.


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