Thursday, February 20, 2014

Vixen Motorhomes


Had a chance to meet our neighbors this morning before we left the park.  Last night three cars came in and parked right across the street from us, just to the “picture left” of that class A in the above picture.  They were, needless to say, very loud, rude and obnoxious.  They all pulled out very early this morning, made me wonder if they even paid or not.  Anyway, there are at least four of these Vixen Motorhomes in the park….I guess they are having a club meeting or something.  So as I introduced myself this morning I said, “Boy, I have heard about how rowdy you Vixen owners can be.”  He looked up with a startle, then realized I was being factious.  He said, “Oh, they were a bit loud…especially that motorcycle that went around and around the park so late.”  Ya, Marcia had told me about the motorcycle….but I was out…didn’t hear it at all.


Here is another Vixen.  There were only 587 Vixen Motorhomes, three different styles, built between 1986 and 1989.  My “neighbor” had owned his for 24 years…not sure if he was original owner or not.  He told me how the Vixen Owners Association started, and how for the first five to ten years or so that when they gathered, various members would share their information about the engine upkeep, electrical systems, water systems, etc. since the Vixen Company no longer existed.  He said that they had driven their Vixen through nearly every state, up into Canada, and had never had a major problem with it.

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Above are two more of the Vixens which were in our general vicinity.  Brand new back in the late 80’s the Vixen cost around $45,000.  “IF” you can buy one today that was in pretty good condition, it would put you back by about $20,000.  If you want to read a good history about them I would suggest this Vixen Site, and Wikipedia


We made it back to the condo around 1 pm.  It was an easy, fun trip, and we all enjoyed it.  Nice having the four of us together again….I think our next trip will start on March 2nd, probably going to try and get in over at E.G. Simmons Park for Monday through Friday.  They don’t take reservations, but I figure if we stay in the Rest Area along I-75 near there, we could have a good shot of being one of the first ones in line for a spot.  Speaking of Florida Rest Areas….the rest areas we have stayed at have not had signs that either of have seen prohibiting or limiting how long one can stay.  I have seen signs at a very small rest area along I-10 that have very limited numbers of parking places..  Technically, their website says you can stay for 3 hours.  The Feds have asked the State of Florida, and other states, to not have restrictions shorter than ten hours at Interstate rest areas.  I am told it just gives them the right to remove those who camping there every night.  As far as I am concerned, federal money was spent in building the Interstate System, including the rest areas….they are there to rest, and every once in awhile, that is what we will do as long as we feel it is safe.  And in Florida, if the rest area is open at night, there is an armed guard standing watch.


  1. What neat motorhome! I enjoy seeing the vintage types. Glad you are having a good family trip:)

    1. Yes, we had a great time. Ten more days and we are out again, this time for six nights.

  2. I've never seen any motorhome like that. Very interesting! Great pictures. I'm sure glad to hear that I could, if I needed to, spend the night at at an I-75 rest stop. Especially with campgrounds being so hard to get this year and next, that might come in mighty handy.

    1. We have stayed overnight in Florida rest areas, with motorhome and in a car, many times...never even had anyone question it. After we first got married three years ago, I was still working in Arkansas and Marcia was back and forth between the two states. When she was in Florida, I would drive from Arkansas to at least Pensacola after leaving work as early as 2 and late as 4....would get 3-5 hours sleep in the car. Knowing that security was there, it was much easier to sleep, that's for sure.

  3. Found this from your comment on mine,,, thx.


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